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The 5 Best Auto Racing Gloves

Here’s our pick of the top-5 best auto racing gloves currently on the market – who reigns supreme: Alpinestars, Sparco, or OMP?

By Justin Cornelison | May 23, 2023
WRR’s 5 Best Auto Racing Shoes Under $250

Here are our picks for the best auto racing shoes under $250, with a wildcard winner!

By Justin Cornelison | March 14, 2023
WRR’s 5 Best Auto Racing Suits Under $1,000

Racing can be very expensive, so it got us thinking; what are the best auto racing suits under $1,000?  There are plenty of high-end professional…

By Justin Cornelison | March 03, 2023
Best Electric Cars for Teens & New Drivers (10 Great Models) – 2022 Edition

The good news is that there are several great electric cars on the market that are perfect for teens.

By Guest Contributor | October 07, 2022
The Best of Winding Road Magazine

Check out the best of Winding Road Magazine. Get tips on how to get started in auto road racing, equipment buyer’s guides, car racing videos and more!

By Winding Road Staff | November 03, 2020
The Best Alternative To Spec Miata

Presumably you’re reading this article because you’re tired of all the Spec Miata love, but before we leave the topic, we feel obligated to suggest that, if you are new to road racing, you consider the joys of SM.

By Winding Road Staff | November 03, 2020
The Best Head and Neck Restraint Systems

In road racing, all sanctioning bodies require you to wear a head and neck restraint (HNR device). While the details may seem a bit gruesome, the reasoning should be enough to convince you that HNR devices are a great invention. If you think about it, your torso is strapped into the car. If you and hit a barrier or another car, your car will stop – potentially very quickly.

By Bradley Iger | October 08, 2020
The Best Quick Release Hubs

Choosing a good quick release hub is important not only because it needs to function as precise as a fixed steering wheel while driving, but also because it needs to provide the ability to get you out of the car quickly and easily in an emergency situation. Here are our picks for the best quick-release hubs available, and what sets them apart from the rest.

By Winding Road Staff | October 01, 2020
The Best Gear To Organize Your Race Trailer

As the first wave of cool, fall air hits many parts of the country, you might think of planning some off-season upgrades to your towing rig.

By Winding Road Staff | September 03, 2020
Five Of The Best Auto Racing Steering Wheels

One of the most crucial aspects of the race car is its steering wheel… yes we realized this is very much a “duh” statement.

By Winding Road Staff | August 29, 2020
The Best Racing Harnesses For Every Occasion

While safety is the primary function of a racing harness, there’s a number of other considerations when choosing one for your requirements, like the type of motorsport competition you’ll be using it in, its ease of use, and your budget. Here are our picks for the best harnesses of 2019.

By Winding Road Staff | August 20, 2020
Racing Gloves – The Best Of The Cheapest!

We should quickly note that when we say “cheapest”, we by no means mean cheap in terms of quality, that’s really just to grab folks’ attention. These gloves are great for their price-points, hold up well, are SFI and/or FIA-rated, and all have internal stitching.

By Winding Road Staff | August 11, 2020
The Best Gear For HPDE and Track Days

When we are trackside for High Performance Driver Education or track day events, we often find that participants don’t have all the items they need. When you stop to think about it, it isn’t a big surprise that race track operation puts stresses on the driver and the car that street driving doesn’t. To help with this, here is our collection of the best gear for HPDE events or track days.

By Winding Road Staff | March 12, 2020
The Best Low-Cost Helmet For Road Racing

We talk to track day/HPDE enthusiasts and sports car racers every day who are looking for a great helmet at a price that won’t break the bank.

By Shawn Stout | January 23, 2020
The Best Kill Switch

The dFuser kill switch is costly, but has several advantages.

By Winding Road Staff | November 14, 2019
The Best Road Racing Glove: Sparco Tide RG-9

The best racing glove is the one that fits you. But if you’re interested in Winding Road Racing’s pick for the best auto racing glove for 2017, check out the Sparco Tide RG-9.

By Luciana D'Andretta | November 14, 2019
Street Car Harness Buyer’s Guide

After publishing our recent Best Racing Harnesses article we were asked about harness options for daily driven street cars that are being equipped for track use. Vehicles which serve a dual purpose as both a track day car and a means of every day transportation have significantly different requirements than vehicles built specifically for racing. With that in mind, below are some considerations when selecting harnesses for your street car.

By Winding Road Staff | September 12, 2019
One Of The Best Values In Gloves And Shoes: OMP Tecnica EVO

At Winding Road Racing, we often get asked which shoes and gloves are great values for their prices; which models punch above their weight and are noticeably nicer than products just a tad cheaper.

By Winding Road Staff | August 29, 2019
Buyer’s Guide: Driver Cooling Systems

Summer temperatures are already upon us in many parts of the country. Out on the track in full race gear, those high temps translate to a whole lot of heat exposure for drivers – especially those participating in endurance events. Adding a driver cooling system to your racecar – which channels ice water through a specially-designed shirt worn by the driver – is a good idea not only because of the increased comfort for the driver, but also because fatigue caused by that heat can reduce one’s ability to concentrate, in turn affecting not only lap times but safety as well. Here we’ll explain how to go from Point A – no driver cooling system – to Point B – a race-ready system with a cooling shirt.

By Winding Road Staff | July 25, 2019
The Best Racing Suits Of 2019

We’ve put together a list of the best suits available based on sales numbers, value for the money, quality of materials, breath ability, and more.

By Winding Road Staff | June 20, 2019
Best Low-Cost & Entry-Level Helmet: The Bell Sport And Sport EV

We find that the sweet spot for a well-made, comfortable, entry-level racing helmet is right around $400-$450. The Bell Racing Sport and Sport EV are right there and have a lot to offer for their prices.

By Winding Road Staff | June 06, 2019


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