Best Electric Cars for Teens & New Drivers (10 Great Models) – 2022 Edition

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If you’re a teenager who’s in the market for a new car, you’ve probably already realized that your options are somewhat limited. Most teenagers can’t afford a brand-new car, and their parents often aren’t willing to let them borrow the family car. Used cars are usually out of the question, as they’re often too expensive when it comes to repairs and may not be safe. So, what’s a teenager to do?

The good news is that there are several great electric cars on the market that are perfect for teens. Though teen drivers can’t typically get great auto loan rates, there are plenty of auto refinancing companies that are willing to work with new drivers looking to get into a better rate. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best electric cars for teens that will be available in 2022.

1. Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s are known for their luxury, but they’re also great cars for new drivers. They have great safety features, and they’re very efficient. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to drive. So, if you’re looking for a car that will help you hone your financial skills, the Tesla Model 3 is a great choice.

2. Chevrolet Bolt

If you’re a teenager looking to buy your first car, the Chevrolet Bolt is a great option. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also safe and reliable. The Bolt has a range of safety features that make it a good choice for inexperienced drivers.  For example, the vehicle comes with automatic emergency braking, which can help prevent accidents. It also has a lane-keeping assist, which can help keep you from veering out of your lane. Overall, the Chevrolet Bolt is an excellent choice for a teen driver.

3. Audi A3 e-tron

For a teen driver, the Audi A3 e-tron is a great choice. Not only is it a reliable and safe car, but it can also help to hone finance skills. The A3 e-tron comes with a monthly payment plan that allows teens to budget for their car payments.  In addition, the car has features that help to keep track of spending, such as a fuel economy tracking system. This can help teens to learn how to save money on gas and reduce their overall expenses. As a result, the Audi A3 e-tron is a great choice for teen driver who wants to learn how to manage their finances.

4. Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a car that would be perfect for a new teen driver. It’s all-electric, so it’s environmentally friendly and has low operating costs. It also has a unique design that will turn heads when driving around town.  The Leaf is a great choice for a first car because it will help the teen driver save on auto-related costs. With the Leaf, there are no oil changes or tune-ups necessary, which can save the teen driver money over time. The Nissan Leaf is a smart choice for a first car for any teen driver.

5. Volkswagen e-Golf

Now that you’re a licensed driver, it’s time to start shopping for your first car. If you’re looking for something that’s both electric and fun to drive, then consider the Volkswagen e-Golf.  This all-electric hatchback is perfect for city driving, and its nimble handling makes it a blast to drive on winding roads. Plus, with its low monthly payments and affordable insurance rates, the e-Golf is an excellent choice for budget-conscious teen drivers.

6. BMW i3

The BMW i3 has a range of up to 200 miles, so it can handle most daily driving needs. The i3 is also packed with advanced safety features, which is critical for inexperienced drivers. Plus, its sleek design is sure to turn heads on the road. For teens looking for an affordable and practical car, the BMW i3 is a great choice.

7. Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric is a great option for teen drivers. It’s affordable and it has all of the features that you need to stay safe on the road. The Focus Electric comes with Ford’s MyKey system, which lets you set speed and volume limits for secondary drivers. This is a great feature for parents who want to make sure their teen is staying safe on the road.  In addition, the Focus Electric comes with Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with cross-traffic alert, which can help you avoid accidents. The Focus Electric is a great option for teen drivers who are looking for a safe and affordable car. Contact your local Ford dealer to test drive one today.

8. Kia Soul EV

When it comes to finding the perfect car for a teen driver, the Kia Soul EV is a great option. Not only is it stylish and fun to drive, but it’s also very practical. With its spacious interior and excellent fuel economy, the Soul EV is perfect for long road trips or commuting to school or work.  Plus, with its relatively low price tag, the Soul EV is a great option for teen drivers who don’t have a big budget to blow on their first car purchase. Whether you’re looking for your first car or your child’s first car, the Kia Soul EV is definitely worth considering.

9. Fiat 500e

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly car for your teen driver, the Fiat 500e is a great option. This electric vehicle has a range of up to 80 miles, so your teen can easily get to and from school or work.  The 500e also has a regenerative braking system that captures energy normally lost during braking and uses it to recharge the battery. This helps to extend the range of the car and makes it more efficient overall.  In addition, the 500e comes with a number of safety features, including blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. These features help to keep your teen driver safe on the road. So if you’re looking for an eco-friendly and safe car for your teen driver, the Fiat 500e is a great option.

10. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a great car for teen drivers. With a range of up to 200 miles, it can handle most teenage driving needs. And with its regenerative braking system, the Ioniq Electric can help teen drivers save on fuel costs.  The Ioniq Electric is also a very safe car. With its high-strength steel body and seven airbags, it can protect occupants in the event of a collision. For teen drivers who are looking for an electric car with a great range and safety features, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a great option.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable option or one with all the bells and whistles, there’s sure to be an electric car on this list that’s perfect for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start doing your research today so that you can find the perfect electric car for your needs!

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