WRR’s 5 Best Auto Racing Suits Under $1,000

Driver Gear, Reviews I By Justin Cornelison I March 03, 2023
best auto racing suits under $1000

Racing can be very expensive, so it got us thinking; what are the best auto racing suits under $1,000?  There are plenty of high-end professional options that can cost upwards of $3,000, but we wanted to keep the budget-conscience in mind so we spoke with Winding Road Racing’s Retail Sales Manager, Mark Biggie.  Here are his (and Winding Road Racing’s customers) top-5 favorites:

best auto racing suits under $1000

5.  Alpinestars Knoxville

While not an ultra-high-quality suit, I have to give this spot 5 due to the affordability.  It is a heavier suit, but the low cost of entry for a suit with some stretch paneling and pre fitted arms/legs, gives some room to grab a pair of boots and gloves and keep a complete setup under $1,000!

best auto racing suits under $1000

4.  OMP Classic

While a bit unorthodox and certainly a niche fit, this suit looks gorgeous and is a nice nod to the old school.  I can see this suit with some vintage patches and some weathering running SVRA and feeling right at home.  Great cut, decent weight for the design, solid choice for 2 layer suit.

best auto racing suits under $1000

3.  Sparco Competition

This suit shows very well, almost feels and looks like a much higher end suit.  The suit colors are great, and the suit is pre-curved in the legs and arms which helps it feel almost “broken in” out of the bag.  The special elastic cuff is nice for tucking into a glove, but not a need.

best auto racing suits under $1000

2.  Alpinestars Atom

This suit has similar points as Mark’s first choice to a certain extent; great fit and uses stretch paneling in a complimentary way.  More modern color choices, albeit less than his first choice.  Great weight and a really great price point, it gives the impression of a much higher end suit.  Great trim fitment, bootcut vs standard choices are nice.

best auto racing suits under $1000

1.  OMP First Evo

Suit fitment and use of stretch paneling is great for this price point.  Very attractive colorways, good design & classic styling almost, especially on the Red/White suit.  Front pocket design is great for accessing with lap belts on.  Manageable weight & decent heat management.

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