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Grand Touring Championship, SuperGT
Classic: Japanese Grand Touring Championships / SuperGT

Classic: Japanese Grand Touring Championships / SuperGT

Calsonic blue, Autobacs orange, Takata green. Show any Millennial gearhead these racing liveries and they'll recognize them faster than a Baby Boomer can scream "Gulf!" It matters not to these youngsters that their beloved red and silver Zent racers advertise a chain of seedy Japanese pachinko casinos, (a fact most native English speakers aren't aware of) or that they'll never set foot in one, what's important is that these cars raced in SuperGT.

By Ross Bentley | October 20, 2014
SMX, Spec MX-5
Deadlines Near: Spec MX-5 Challenge Series
Deadlines Near: Spec MX-5 Challenge Series

The start of the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series is only a month away (the East Series opens at Summit Point on April 5-7; the West Series at CoTA on May 4-5). Transporters are being detailed, cars are being prepped, tires are on order and trophies are being built. With $150,000 on the line...

By Ross Bentley | March 06, 2019
Spec Iron, spec miata, Spec Mustang
Beyond Spec Miata: Spec Mustang + Spec Iron
Beyond Spec Miata: Spec Mustang + Spec Iron

If you are racing (or thinking about racing) a Spec Miata, and you want to try something different, one obvious direction to go is to get a bigger, more powerful spec car. And to compound the obvious, nothing could be more clearly powerful yet affordable than a V-8 powered Mustang.

By Ross Bentley | April 06, 2015


Speed Secrets: Determining Entry/Exit Speed Balance

The thing is, in order to average the fastest speed over the greatest distance (the literal definition of a fast lap time) you must know precisely the right areas of the track in which to be “slow” in order to go the quickest overall.

By Ross Bentley | September 28, 2022
By a Racer, For Racers: Finding Target Brands for Sponsorship

For young racers looking to make the step into racing professionally, a singular topic is always at the forefront: sponsorship.  Current Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup challenger Aidan Fassnacht dives deep into the prospect of finding funding to secure a racing seat; the first of a four part series – By a Racer, For Racers.

By Guest Contributor | September 27, 2022
Speed Secrets: 20 Questions About Driver Coaching

At the 2019 SCCA Runoffs at VIR, Tim Minor added a Formula Continental National Championship to his two Formula Race Promotions F2000 Championships. Tim returns to VIR for the 2022 Runoffs wars with testing to begin September 24. Does he need a coach? 

By Ross Bentley | September 13, 2022
The Vancouver Formula E Debacle

This is a spectacular case of how not to promote a much-anticipate race.  After just finishing it’s 8 season of around-the-world racing, Formula E has endured multiple debacles throughout it’s growing phase (Miami, Montreal, & London to name a few), so it’s not entirely surprising the young Series fell victim again to over-promises and under-deliveries.

By Justin Cornelison | September 02, 2022
The Start: Ten Seconds That Can Make… Or Break Your Race

The old saying goes, “No race has ever been won in the first corner, but many have been lost there.” Well if that’s true, then why do so many drivers go for it at the start?

By Justin Cornelison | August 29, 2022
Why We Love Willy T. Ribbs

Just one week into F1’s summer break, we’ve found ourselves rewatching some of the 2022 season’s highlights.  One of the most memorable moments so far has to be Willy T’s podium interviews after the Miami GP.

By Justin Cornelison | August 08, 2022
Speed Secrets: Setting HPDE Expectations

The story of two bad wrecks and how experience teaches that managing expectations is key for track days (and even more important for wheel-to-wheel racing).

By Ross Bentley | February 08, 2022
An Approach For Improving Your Track Driving

Believe in your plan for your next session.

By Ross Bentley | October 05, 2021
A New Age in Racer Sponsorship

OpenFender is the most innovative solution to motorsports funding and fan engagement.

By Guest Contributor | July 28, 2021
By Ross Bentley | July 22, 2021
Speed Secrets: Fitness for Performance Driving

Why is fitness integral in being an efficient racer?

By Ross Bentley | June 15, 2021
Speed Secrets: Rotating The Car – A Key To Cornering Fast

Rotation, rotation, rotation – a key element in mastering tight turns.

By Ross Bentley | June 07, 2021


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