BAC introduces Mono Cup – a new chapter in high-performance racing with the world’s fastest one-make championship

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  • Mono Cup marks BAC’s first-ever entry into the dynamic world of motorsports
  • The sensational announcement, which has been kept top secret, is the result of over two years of meticulous planning with key leading partners
  • BAC’s bold leap into motorsport is announced in the same week the company was formed 15 years ago
  • Collaborating with the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation and local partner – BAC Saudi Arabia, the Mono Cup is a thrilling six-month racing spectacle that takes place on iconic tracks in the Middle East
  • The Mono Cup car, a highly specialised iteration of BAC’s iconic Mono supercar, is currently being honed and optimised to deliver an unparalleled racing experience
  • The Mono Cup series will commence in winter 2024/25

6th March 2024. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has opened a brand-new chapter in the world of motorsport, having unveiled today the Mono Cup, a revolutionary series that will become the world’s fastest one-make championship when racing commences later this year.

The announcement – made at the Seven Concours event in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, just days before the country’s thrilling F1 race takes place in Jeddah – has taken the global motorsport community by complete surprise. The result of extensive talks with key strategic partners and meticulous planning spanning more than two years, Mono Cup promises to add a new dimension to the world of motorsport with a carefully curated racing spectacle finessed for the Middle East, complementing the region’s existing motorsports portfolio and showcasing the brand’s commitment to exhilarating performance on iconic tracks.

Representing BAC’s first-ever foray into motorsports, Mono Cup has been announced in the same week as the company marks its 15-year anniversary.

In collaboration with BAC Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation (SAMF), Mono Cup has been created by BAC to merge the world of high-performance racing with a level and lifestyle refinement unheard of in one-make championships.

Operating on an ‘arrive-and-drive’ basis, the Mono Cup series will be coordinated by the Saudi Motorsport Company (SMC) and commence in winter 2024/25, running over a six-month period. Jeddah Corniche will serve as the home circuit for the series, with iconic Middle Eastern tracks in Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates featuring throughout the calendar. The championship is open to competitors holding an International C Race Licence, with car setup, management and logistics taken care of by BAC Motorsport alongside their seasoned partners.

Speaking at SEVEN Concours, Neill Briggs, BAC co-founder and director of product development, said: “The Mono Cup embodies BAC’s unrelenting dedication to high-performance driving; we are supremely proud that we can now take our values, passion and expertise honed within the automotive arena and apply that to motorsports. Like our road-legal supercars, the Mono Cup car will deliver a driving experience unlike anything else across the world.”

Ian Briggs, BAC co-founder and design director, added: “To announce Mono Cup in the very same week we launched BAC 15 years ago in the UK, is highly symbolic. In 2009 our focus – and it remains our mission, in fact – was to offer the world a road-going supercar, precision engineered and uniquely designed, that delivered a behind-the-wheel experience like no other thing on the road. We now take that mission to racing, giving the world the fastest one-make championship.

“Our collaboration with SAMF is opening new and exciting opportunities not just in the Kingdom but across the Middle East. This pioneering partnership is a testament to our joint commitment to global excellence.”

Faisal Binladen, founder of Veloce Life, BAC’s trusted partner in the region and the operator of BAC Saudi Arabia, commented: “It’s been a privilege to have worked closely alongside Neill and Ian Briggs to help establish BAC in the world of motorsport. Today, we take a huge step in the right direction; we’re now counting the weeks until the start of the world’s fastest one-make championship.”

Martin Whitaker, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Motorsport Company added: “Saudi Motorsport is thrilled to partner with BAC on the Mono Cup. In so doing we are expanding the motorsport portfolio in the country and, just as importantly, enhancing its presence across the Middle East. This forward-thinking BAC collaboration aligns with Saudi Motorsport’s Saudi commitment to innovation encompassing design, engineering and technology in the development of the sport in the Kingdom. The objective is to provide exciting prospects for future advancements within Saudi Arabia and the wider region.”

Mono Cup: single-seater supercar for the world’s fastest one-make championship

Based on the architecture of the acclaimed Mono supercar, but extensively re-engineered and designed exclusively for the one-make championship, the Mono Cup car will deliver an unmatched driving experience.

BAC’s success in perfecting road-going supercars across the last 15 years has established the foundation for development of the Mono Cup car, combining exceptional performance and lightweight design. Positioned as the world’s fastest one-make racing series, Mono Cup bridges the gap between GT racing and formula racing, carving out a new but critically important niche in motorsport.

To ensure an unparalleled holistic racing experience both inside the car and out, the Mono Cup series will operate with world-class support and hospitality services across each iconic Middle Eastern location, allowing drivers to focus solely on performance. To further enrich the competitor experience, Mono Cup’s calendar and competition structure has been meticulously planned to exacting details. Unlike so many other international one-make championships, Mono Cup’s aim is to foster a united community amongst all its race teams, forming a space that nurtures and shares a collective passion for Mono, motorsport and driving adventure, mirroring the spirit BAC has achieved with its dedicated group of global road-going Mono owners.

Founded in 2009, BAC has exported to 47 territories, solidifying Mono’s position as a global automotive icon. The recent partnership with Veloce Life in Saudi Arabia – which last year led to the establishment of the first BAC customer space in the country – marked a pivotal initial milestone in expanding BAC’s presence in the Middle East.

More information on the Mono Cup championship and the Mono Cup car will be communicated in due course.

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