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Speed Secrets: Setting HPDE Expectations

Speed Secrets: Setting HPDE Expectations

The story of two bad wrecks and how experience teaches that managing expectations is key for track days (and even more important for wheel-to-wheel racing).

By Avants Magazine | February 08, 2022
Dead Man Riding – The Legacy

Disaster struck in early 2020 when Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, with the COVID pandemic shutting off New Zealand from the rest of the world shortly after - effectively ending his booming tour business.

By Avants Magazine | September 29, 2022
The 10 Best Auto Racing Helmets

Whether you are road racing, doing a track day, running autocross, driving circle track or participating in High-Performance Driver Education, you need a helmet.

By Avants Magazine | September 22, 2022


The Soundwaves of California

Walk down the street in the late 1970s and early 1980s and you’d hear synthesizer-driven songs like “Rio” from Duran Duran or “Take on Me” from A-Ha blasting out of car radios

By Avants Magazine | November 02, 2022
Speed Secrets: My Sim is My Friend

While the “I can just hit Reset” mindset can lead to risky driving behavior, this can be flipped around and turned into a positive.

By Ross Bentley | October 31, 2022
Must See: Glorious Ferrari 330 GTC Restoration

After a vigorous 3 year-long restoration, the car was entered into the 2022 Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance and came away with top honors in the 75 years of Ferrari celebration class

By Justin Cornelison | October 28, 2022
Honda Sensing® Technology & How It Keeps You Safe

All Honda models come standard with Honda Sensing® — a suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies that help you avoid accidents and stay safe on the road.

By Guest Contributor | October 28, 2022
The House That Newman/Haas Racing Built

Race cars, suits, helmets, and artwork are available to bid on this Saturday, October 29th at 1pm EDT.  Here is a small selection of some of our favorites

By Justin Cornelison | October 26, 2022
Video: Ken Block Hoons Audi Around Vegas Playground

Legendary rally driver Ken Block took to the streets, parking garages, and casinos of Las Vegas in a video promotion of Hoonigan & Audi’s one-off Electric S1 Hoonitron. 

By Justin Cornelison | October 26, 2022
Buyer’s Guide: Racing Suits

A racing suit’s primary purpose is fire protection. There has been a lot of effort in developing safer ways of storing and delivering fuel in race cars

By Jason Methfessel | October 24, 2022
Mercedes-EQ EQE SUV Offers Ample Tech For A “Volume” EV

The audio got our attention too. The EQE SUV is the first vehicle certified by Dolby to use Dolby Atmos 4D 360-degree sound.

By Tom Martin | October 21, 2022
New Video: Over-Driving and How Smooth Really is Fast

The great race drivers are minimalists, providing only as much steering and braking input as needed, and asking no more of the car than it can deliver.

By Justin Cornelison | October 19, 2022
Speed Secrets: Fools and Tough Stuff

Often, what’s hardest is admitting to what happened, what caused it, and how it should be dealt with.

By Ross Bentley | October 19, 2022
The Mind-Blowing Lotus Evija Fittipaldi Edition

What makes this car special?  The over 2,000hp (most ever in a series-production car)?  The John Player Special tribute paint-job?

By Justin Cornelison | October 17, 2022
In Pictures: The Last Aventador

The final Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae, exiting the gates of Automobili Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata home for delivery to its Swiss owner, is a special Roadster.

By Justin Cornelison | October 13, 2022


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