DirtFish Bringing Rally Racing Experiences to Sonoma Raceway

Features, Lifestyle I By Justin Cornelison I October 13, 2023
DirtFish Sonoma

Sonoma Raceway, located in the heart of California’s wine country, is well-known for its high-speed, high-adrenaline motorsports events. And this year, from November 10th to 12th, the fourth annual Velocity Invitational is set to become even more thrilling, thanks to the inclusion of an extraordinary rally racing experience brought to you by none other than DirtFish Rally School.

DirtFish Sonoma

For those who have ever dreamed of riding in a world-class rally car and experiencing the heart-pounding excitement of rally racing firsthand, Velocity Invitational at Sonoma Raceway is the place to be. DirtFish Rally School is offering attendees a unique opportunity to ride shotgun with professional rally drivers, who will push the limits of both car and driver on an abbreviated rally stage specially constructed for the event.

This year’s roster of elite drivers includes the likes of British and Asia-Pacific Rally Champion Alister McRae, European Rally Championship driver Max McRae, and IndyCar Series driver Benjamin Pedersen, among others. These skilled professionals will be taking the wheel and piloting eager attendees around the Sonoma Raceway circuit and a custom-built off-road course, delivering an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

The cars featured in this incredible racing experience are pretty awesome. You can expect to find Travis Pastrana’s iconic 2008 X Games-winning Subaru, a Pikes Peak-prepped Ford Fiesta, a faithful Hannu Mikkola replica MK2 Escort, Tommi Makkinen’s 2002 S8 WRC car, and two DirtFish School Subaru BRZs. These machines are the epitome of rally racing, and now you have the chance to witness their power and prowess up close.

DirtFish Rally School has designed two immersive ride-along experiences for Velocity Invitational attendees, making it a must-visit attraction for motorsports enthusiasts:

1. The Rally Car Track Experience: In this experience, you’ll find yourself strapped into the passenger seat of a rally car, hurtling around Sonoma Raceway’s 12-turn road course. With 160 feet of total elevation change, this technical circuit is a true test of skill and precision. The highly-skilled drivers will guide the rally cars through the twists and turns, leaning into the slides that rally racing is famous for.

2. The Off-Road Rally Car Experience: Here, attendees will be treated to a thrilling ride around a custom-built off-road rally track. The experienced drivers will showcase classic rallying techniques, including precision throttle control, attacking tight turns, and accelerating into heart-pounding slides. It’s a showcase of true rally prowess that will leave you breathless.

These exciting rally experiences will run from Saturday to Sunday during the Velocity Invitational event, offering multiple opportunities for attendees to get in on the action.

Jeff O’Neill, Velocity Invitational founder, expressed his enthusiasm for the addition of DirtFish Rally School to this year’s event, saying, “We are thrilled to have the DirtFish Rally School return as a highlight of this year’s Velocity Invitational. Their expertise and passion for the art of rally is infectious and a perfect addition to a weekend dedicated to the best motorsports has to offer. These experiences promise to be a high-octane showcase of skill and adrenaline, and we can’t wait for our guests to witness the thrill of rally racing up close.”

Velocity Invitational is renowned for its unique lineup of the rarest cars in the world, featuring modern hypercars, historic Formula 1 race cars, a Can-Am class, popular vintage racing groups, the thrilling Mustangs vs. Minis enduro, and McLaren’s 60th-anniversary cars on display both in the paddock and on the track throughout the weekend.

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