Ford Unveils Ecoboosted F-150 Tremor

After nearly a ten-year hiatus, Ford is diving back into the world of on-road, performance pickups, with a new variant of the wildly popular F-150. It’s called the Tremor, and if you’ve been dying for a modern F-150 Lightning, this is about as close as you’ll get.

By Brandon Turkus | June 27, 2013
First Look: 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford seems quite committed to the hot hatch in the United States, as the Dearborn-based manufacturer has just announced another speedy five-door for the North American market. Slotting below the 252-horsepower Focus ST is this, the 197-horsepower Fiesta ST.

By Brandon Turkus | November 26, 2012
Driven: 2013 Ford Explorer Sport

Our reviews of the Ford Explorer have been pretty positive since our initial test in late 2010. The big seven-passenger made a successful shift to a unibody platform, and has found a level of refinement the nameplate has never known. We’re also quite bullish on Ford’s EcoBoost range of engines, with particular love being heaped on the 3.5-liter V-6 from the Taurus SHO, Flex, and F-150. These two items have joined forces for 2013, resulting in the Ford Explorer Sport. So naturally, when the Dearborn-based manufacturer invited us to test this automotive witches brew, we were loath to decline.

By Brandon Turkus | October 08, 2012
Quick Drive: 2013 Ford Focus EcoBoost

Why are we talking about an engine that’s only sold in Europe, though? Well, because it won’t be European-only for long. Ford has stated that the 1.0-liter EcoBoost will be sold in North America (and Asia, Oceania, and Africa) in 2013. The Dearborn-based OEM hasn’t mentioned what vehicles it’ll be available in, but based on the pair of lime green metallic Focus hatchbacks sitting in front of us at the Dearborn Proving Grounds, we think we have a good idea what the first American model to get the 1.0-liter will be.

By Brandon Turkus | June 28, 2012
Driven: 2013 Lexus ES350

We really can’t overstate how well Lexus did tuning this suspension. While we could feel, and to a lesser extent hear, the impacts, potholes, and imperfections, only the largest ones made it through to the cabin. We weren’t jostled or tossed about, though. Vertical motion was well controlled, with the ES feeling planted and controllable over the rough sections of tarmac. We suspect part of this had to do with the seventeen-inch wheels of our tester, while the rest was down to the revised suspension Lexus fitted to the new ES.

By Brandon Turkus | June 15, 2012
First Look: 2013 Ford Flex

Ford’s seven-passenger Flex burst onto the scene way back in 2007, as Ford’s first three-row CUV. Now, it’s getting a refresh for 2013 with a new nose and a bevy of new options.

By Brandon Turkus | November 08, 2011
Ford Announces TracKey For 2012 Mustang Boss 302

Ford has announced an interesting addition to the upcoming Boss 302 Mustang, called the TracKey. It’s an extra ignition key that, when used instead of the normal key, changes the parameters of the powertrain to a track-ready configuration.

By John Beltz Snyder | November 11, 2010
Ford Racing Supercharger For 2011 Mustang GT

Ford Racing has announced a supercharger kit for the 2011 Mustang GT. The 2.3-liter twin-screw supercharger boosts the output of the 5.0-liter engine to a robust 624 horsepower and 536 pound-feet of torque.

By John Beltz Snyder | August 25, 2010
First Look: 2011 Ford Explorer

Ford’s sprawling Dearborn campus is home to many walled-off buildings with blackened windows that work to keep prying eyes out. Every time we drive by, we can’t help but try to catch a glimpse of what’s inside. This time however, we got to see the other side. We were invited in to see an extremely important new Ford, the 2011 Explorer. We spent half-a-day at Ford’s Product Development Center being briefed on all that is new with the Explorer.

By Brandon Turkus | July 26, 2010
Ford Adds Three-Blink Turn Signal Function To 2011 Model Year Vehicles

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many automakers add the three-blink turn signal function onto their cars, and Ford will finally be jumping on the bandwagon next year. Tapping the left stalk off of the steering column up or down allows the blinkers to flash only three times, which is perfect for lane changes, and alleviates the annoyance of driving behind cars whose blinkers have stayed on for no good reason.

By Steven J. Ewing | January 01, 2010
First Look: 2011 Ford Racing Boss 302R

Today, Ford Racing unveiled the all-new Boss 302R based on the 2011 Mustang GT. The 302R is a factory-built, race-ready machine poised to compete in Grand-Am, SCCA, and NASA classes, as well as individual track days.

By Steven J. Ewing | December 27, 2009
Official: Geely To Buy Volvo In First Quarter Of 2010

Today, Ford announced that it will officially sell all assets of the Volvo division to Chinese automaker Geely. The difinitive sale agreement will be signed in the first quarter of 2010, with the sale closing half-way through the year.

By Steven J. Ewing | December 23, 2009


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