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Driven: 2011 Mini Countryman Cooper S

Well, here we go again, leaping into another car company’s grand attempt to expand the niche into which we’ve niched it. Okay, Mini has definitely also niched itself, but we humans do have a habit of insisting companies can’t change much or we’ll get really angry and whatnot.

By Matt Davis | May 26, 2010
Secondhand Gems: $10K Winter Second Cars

Many of us who choose to enjoy the fruits of dedicated performance vehicles also know the value of having a second vehicle on-hand. Those of us in four-season climates also understand the necessity of piloting something a bit more winter-friendly, if for no other reason than to keep our expensive, fair-weather ride out of the salt and slush.

By Christopher Smith | December 15, 2009
Review: Chevrolet Cruze

This is the Master Landing Page for the Chevrolet Cruze. From now on, as we further review this car, we will be updating this page with whatever fresh content we create. Future drive reviews, updated specifications, videos, and other relevant information will all be found right here, in one convenient spot.

By Winding Road Staff | November 29, 2009
Keepers: Audi S4 B5-Series—Shopping

Most performance enthusiasts—and especially the fans of Q-ship performance—are well aware that the much-loved Biturbo S4 does have a dark side. Yes, Audi was pumping out some cool cars back in the day, but questionable quality, poor reliability, and astronomical repair costs have become a trademark characteristic for Audis of this era. Talk to just about any S4 driver and you’ll get a similar story of mechanical maladies that either total thousands of dollars, or take the car off the road for weeks or months at a time while the owner gathers parts for the repair. As such, the best S4 purchasing advice is to have extra money set aside for repair work. You’ll need it.

By Christopher Smith | September 20, 2009
Keepers: Audi S4 B5-series

In light of Audi’s all-new unveilings at the Frankfurt Motor Show , the timing couldn’t be better for a flashback to one of the company’s defining performance offerings. We’re speaking of course about the Audi S4 sedan that first appeared on Yankee soil way back in 1992. The formula hasn’t changed much over the years, but when it comes down to a specific S4 genre, we look to the second-generation B5-series S4 as the version that roundhouse kicked the sport sedan segment of the day, becoming a performance legend in the process.

By Christopher Smith | September 15, 2009
Driven: 2009 Toyota Venza

When any manufacturer, but particularly an industry titan like Toyota, rolls out a new vehicle that they say is “in a new class”, well, the hairs on any journalist’s neck stand up a bit. That was certainly the case as we listened to Toyota’s executives and engineers roll out the new Venza. But after a couple of days of driving it, talking to Toyota about it, and reviewing the data, we think they have a point. It’s a subtle point, but a point nonetheless.

By Tom Martin | November 03, 2008
Driven: 2009 Ford Flex Limited AWD

The new Ford Flex arrives into our market at a time when consumers are downsizing from their large SUVs but still need room for the spouse, kids, dogs, etc. The retro-wagon styling of the Flex may steer some customers away, but we rather liked the styling of our Limited AWD test car. Inside, plush materials and high-tech gadgets make this family-hauler a real win. Overall, the Flex proved to be a big step forward for the Ford Motor Company and we hope their future products go in this direction, as well.

By Winding Road Staff | October 01, 2008
Mercedes-Benz Unveils the New E-Class Interior

The new E-Class interior offers an immersive, interactive, and intelligent experience with its digital innovations.

By Justin Cornelison | February 24, 2023
Top Gear America To Make Its Triumphant Return On Motor Trend

Today, it was announced that Top Gear America will return to the airwaves exclusively on the Motor Trend app in Spring 2020. We were pondering whether it would return, and this move certainly makes a lot of sense, since the automotive media powerhouse already hosts the extensive catalog of Top Gear UK.

By Peter Nelson | December 03, 2019
Review: 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Back in December, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its updated E-Class Sedan and Wagon. Now, we’ve gotten our first look at the sportier-looking Coupe and Cabriolet. Immediately noticeable on all four variants are the new headlights. The dual lamps that have identified the E-Class for the past several generations have been replaced with a unit that is more in keeping with current design language.

By Brandon Turkus | January 04, 2013
The Hot List: Volume 26

Every week we sift through a truly amazing amount of “stuff” in the dozen or so hours we spend online—you know, the time spent not driving sweet cars. A lot of the cool stuff we find has to do specifically with new cars, naturally, but there’s also a huge amount of awesomeness that doesn’t completely fit in the normal Winding Road world. Once, we were in the habit of simply reading, watching, or talking amongst ourselves about this web detritus, but recently we thought it might be a good idea to start sharing it with you all. Thus, The Hot List.

By John Beltz Snyder | February 24, 2012
Review: BMW 3-Series

This is the Master Landing Page for the BMW 3-Series. From now on, as we further review this car, we will be updating this page with whatever fresh content we create. Future drive reviews, updated specifications, videos, and other relevant information will all be found right here, in one convenient spot.

By Winding Road Staff | October 14, 2011
Quick Drive: 2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5

The 4Runner SR5 did a decent job in winning me over, over the course of the weekend that it was in my charge. The first night I took the SUV home, I was distinctly put-off by rubbery on-road dynamics, as well as by the very chunky exterior styling. Hard acceleration or braking in the Toyota always results in some pretty hardcore “squat and dive” behavior, meaning aggressive driving was always rewarded by a high level of drama—in a bad way.

By Winding Road Staff | March 16, 2010
Spy Shots: Volvo V60 Tests On Ice

We have spy photos of the new Volvo V60 Testing in the snow and ice somewhere in Europe. Set to compete with the likes of the Audi A4 Avant, the V60 will have a lot in common with the recently unveiled 2011 Volvo S60.

By John Beltz Snyder | February 16, 2010
Chicago 2010: Chevrolet Suburban Celebrates Its 75th Birthday With Anniversary Diamond Edition

The Chevrolet Suburban hasn’t garnered a lot of media attention in recent years, but we’ be lying if we said we didn’t still think very highly of the biggest and baddest General Motors SUV.

By Steven J. Ewing | February 11, 2010
First Look: 2010 Toyota 4Runner

Though the market for mid-size sport-utility vehicles is shrinking in favor of more crossovers and funky wagon-ish things, Toyota’s 4Runner sallies forth into 2010 with a host of visual changes, along with an all-new four-cylinder engine. The new car is both wider and longer than the last-generation 4Runner, meaning that a third-row seat is now available. (Fold-down jump seats were available on previous-gen 4Runners, but we wouldn’t dare refer to that as an actual third row.)

By Steven J. Ewing | September 25, 2009


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