Mercedes-Benz Unveils the New E-Class Interior

Features, Infotainment I By Justin Cornelison I February 24, 2023
New E-Class Interior

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for its high-quality, luxurious interiors, and the new E-Class is no exception.  The brand-new interior design is a perfect example of the perfect combination of sophistication, comfort, and functionality.  Mercedes-Benz has taken the new E-Class to the next level by introducing a completely new design philosophy for the interior.

New E-Class Interior

The interior design of the new E-Class is built around the concept of ‘Sensual Purity.’  The designers at Mercedes-Benz have focused on creating an interior that is modern, elegant, and simple.  The use of high-quality materials, attention to detail, and sophisticated technology, all add to the premium experience.

The new E-Class interior offers an immersive, interactive, and intelligent experience with its digital innovations.  The electronic architecture of the car allows for a comprehensive user experience and a new dimension of personalization and interaction.  The computing functions of previously separate domains take place in a single processor, improving performance, and enabling faster data transfer speeds with 5G technology.

Customers can look forward to an exceptional entertainment experience with music, games, and streaming content.  Music becomes visible with the new Active Ambient Lighting, including Sound Visualization, which allows occupants to experience music with three senses.  The optional ZYNC entertainment portal offers video streaming, on-demand content, interactive experiences, sports, news, games, and much more on the central and passenger displays, via one user interface.  Additionally, the optional MBUX Superscreen features a selfie and video camera on top of the dashboard, allowing the driver to participate in online video conferences and take photos and videos.

The new E-Class offers added day-to-day convenience with its routines feature, developed using artificial intelligence technology.  The car can learn which comfort systems occupants use repeatedly and automate such functions, resulting in personalized automation.  Mercedes-Benz offers a comprehensive wellness program with the variously configured available ENERGIZING COMFORT programs and the individual recommendations of the ENERGIZING COACH, enhancing the occupants’ well-being.

With more than 17 million vehicles delivered globally since 1946, the E-Class and its predecessors are the best-selling model series in the history of Mercedes-Benz. The new E-Class’s heritage dates back to the early days of the brand, and it is an integral part of the model portfolio of Mercedes-Benz and the original brands.  The new E-Class interior continues to represent the heart of the brand, offering exceptional comfort, innovation, and personalization to its customers.

New E-Class Interior

New E-Class Interior

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