List: Ten Used Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep SRT Values

We took a look around, and put together this list of used vehicles in the Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep SRT family, and what one can expect to pay for them. There’s no need to break the bank for a car that’s going to depreciate, when you could buy one slightly used for much, much less.

By Corey Rueth | April 13, 2010
Dodge Challenger Furious Fuchsia Edition Hurts Our Eyes

To celebrate 40 years of Dodge Challenger performance, the company has announced limited edition models of the R/T Classic and SRT8, in a loud throwback color. The SRT8 Furious Fuchsia edition will be limited to 400 units. Both models will go on sale at Dodge dealerships next month.

By John Beltz Snyder | February 08, 2010
Next-Generation Dodge Durango Revealed In Patent Sketches, Could Be Named “Magnum”

Some of you may have forgotten about the Dodge Magnum — the low-riding, Hemi-powered wagon from the mid-2000s. But while Chrysler has no plans to bring back a full redux of that vehicle, that nameplate could live on. These patent sketches reveal what looks to be an all-new Dodge crossover, set to debut in either 2011 or 2012, and rumor suggests that it could, in fact, be dubbed “Magnum.”

By Steven J. Ewing | February 02, 2010
2010 North American International Auto Show Wrap-Up

We’re wrapping up our coverage of the 2010 North American International Auto Show here in the great city of Detroit, Michigan. Here’s a wrap-up of everything we saw at the show this year.

By John Beltz Snyder | January 12, 2010
Detroit 2010: Chrysler 300S Adds More Style To The Aging Flagship

Like the Jeep Wrangler and Liberty, the Chrysler 300 gets some minor tweaks for the 2010 model year. The new 300S models, available with either the anemic 3.5-liter V-6 or boomy 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, add a bit of Mopar-like style to the big Chrysler sedan.

By Steven J. Ewing | January 12, 2010
Detroit 2010: Jeep Adds Liberty Renegade, Wrangler Islander, And Wrangler Mountain To Its Lineup

Even though Chrysler isn’t holding a press conference at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, that hasn’t stopped them from bringing a few new models along for all to see. And while there aren’t any all-new products, some new trim levels have been added to the lineup.

By Steven J. Ewing | January 12, 2010
Detroit 2010: Chrysler-Badged Lancia Is Just Hanging Out At The Show

As you know by now, we’re at the 2010 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, scoping the show floor for anything new or particularly fancy. Chrysler may not be having a press release this year, but that doesn’t mean they have nothing to offer. Here, we see a Lancia Delta wearing Chrysler badging.

By John Beltz Snyder | January 11, 2010
Dodge Challenger Gets Performance Appearance Package, No Actual Performance Upgrades

If you’ve ever wanted your brand new Dodge Challenger to look like an crazy-powerful muscle car, but don’t want to actually have any more horsepower or torque to put to the wheels, Mopar has just the appearance kit for you. Chrysler’s Mopar parts division is now offering its Performance Appearance Package for Challenger SE and R/T models.

By Steven J. Ewing | January 04, 2010
Report: Chrysler-Badged Lancia To Appear At Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler will not be holding an official press conference during the Detroit Auto Show media preview, but a report from Bloomberg suggests that there will be something rather special sitting out on the show floor. A Chrysler-badged Lancia will be on hand to give show-goers a taste of what future offerings from the new Fiat partnership could bring to our shores.

By Steven J. Ewing | December 22, 2009
Video: 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR Sets Lap Record At Laguna Seca

A 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR has set a new lap record for a production vehicle at Laguna Seca in Monterey, California. Its time of 1:33:915 beats the previous record by over one second.

By John Beltz Snyder | November 25, 2009
Driven: 2010 Nissan 370Z Roadster

Creating a really good convertible is tricky business, especially when the coupe or sedan it’s based on is such a strong, well-liked car. Simply lobbing the roof off causes a whole host of rigidity and stiffness problems—not to mention design dilemmas—and if these issues aren’t properly addressed, the new-found droptop might just be a big mess. The Infiniti G37, for example, is one of our favorite sport coupes, but in its cabriolet guise, the chassis proves to be a bit more flexible than we’d like. Don’t even get us started on worse offenders like the Chrysler Sebring and Toyota Solara.

By Steven J. Ewing | September 08, 2009
Keepers: Turbo Dodges—Community

One thing is for certain when it comes to Turbo Dodges; they’re backed by a very broad, dedicated enthusiast community that ranges from armchair admirers to technical wizards who can rattle off specific engine tolerances and decode VINs, while rebuilding transmissions, and yes, I do mean multiple transmissions at once. Having that kind of support base makes owning a turbo Dodge even sweeter, and for the enthusiasts who happen upon one of the rarer model/engine combos, it’s borderline necessary.

By Christopher Smith | June 18, 2009
Keepers: Turbo Dodges—Shopping

Stepping into the world of turbo Dodges can be somewhat intimidating for the uninitiated. While our first Keepers report on these cars covered only four vehicles (arguably the pinnacle of Dodge’s turbo efforts of the time), in reality the 2.2 turbo and later variants were used in everything from sleeper sedans, hatchbacks, in-your-face sports cars, or even minivans. The good news here is that no matter what you’re into, there’s likely a turbo Dodge to suit your tastes. Even better, because so many of these power plants were produced, parts are cheap and relatively easy to come by, with some rare exceptions that we’ll discuss below. The downside however is trying to weed through the layers of lingo to determine which combination is right for you, and admittedly that can take a bit of effort. To help with that, here’s a little primer for the turbo-inclined enthusiast looking for the best boost-per-buck.

By Christopher Smith | June 16, 2009
Keepers: The Turbo Dodges

In the pursuit of finding cars worth keeping, there’s not always a clear connection between pedigree, price and performance. Sometimes, cars that people expect to be good turn out to be rubbish, despite their ancestry. And sometimes, you come across performance heroes in the most unlikely of places.

By Christopher Smith | June 09, 2009
Blog: A New Lease on Life for Detroit

The daily headlines have been full of news about the bailout of the U.S. auto industry from its various problems. As interesting as such details are, I’d like to suggest that they aren’t the important part of the story for automotive enthusiasts. In a dramatically changing automobile industry, what we’ve witnessed up ‘til now is more like the preparation for the invasion of Iraq. We’re entering the phase where we actually invade. But the hard parts and the decisive parts start after that. Or, if you prefer a happier analogy, we’ve been witnessing the prep for the wedding. Now we’re about to go in to the wedding ceremony and then off on a honeymoon. After that, the hard work and – we hope – good times begin. Ongoing life isn’t a wedding ceremony or a battle, and we would do well not to confuse the two.

By Tom Martin | May 21, 2009
First Look: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gains Style, Off-Road Capability

Sometimes, a slight refresh can be a big step forward for an automaker. Take this new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, for example. Parent company Chrysler really needs to prove that it can make attractive, fuel-friendly, good-quality vehicles, otherwise the automaker will indeed have a tough time staying afloat over the next year. And from the looks of the new Grand, we don’t think it’s going to disappoint.

By Steven J. Ewing | April 08, 2009
Driven: 2009 Volkswagen Routan

Badge engineering. This is the common practice in the automotive industry of taking a vehicle designed for one brand, and tweaking to work for another. But is this a good thing or a bad thing? We all know examples of the Chevy that is also a Pontiac or a Ford that is also a Mercury with little but trim differences. That cynical approach to marketing has led to a tarnished reputation for badge-engineering, among the pundits at least. The term even sounds pejorative.

By Tom Martin | October 06, 2008


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