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Reviews I By John Beltz Snyder I July 09, 2013
It may sound like something that will cure a headache, but the only headache this new, 2014 Aspiron from Innotech will get rid of would have to be caused by a lack of speed. This two-seat track car, uses General Motors’ LS line of V-8 engines, and can be built to the custom specifications of the buyer.
Whether propelled by the 500-horsepower LS3 or the upgraded 1000-horsepower LS9, power goes to the rear wheels via a Ricardo six-speed manual transmission. Its tubular space frame structure, rollover bars, and six-point racing harness keep the occupants safe during a crash, and the use of lightweight materials keeps the weight down. The Aspiron weighs between 1680 and 1890 pounds, depending on spec.
The 2014 Asprion uses front and rear A-arm suspensions with adjustable coilover shocks. It rides on 18-inch OZ Racing Alleggerita wheels, with the option of Forgeline GA1R wheels in a variety of finishes. Brakes are 14- to 15-inch rotors with six or eight calipers, racing pads, and optional brake bias adjustable from the cockpit for those who want complete control over how the car handles.
Prices for the 2014 Innotech Aspiron begin at $149,000 for the Aspiron R 500 V8 LS3 6.2L, with the Aspiron RSC 800 V8 LS9 6.2L costing $204,000. Prices for the 900-horsepower Aspiron RSR and 1000-horsepower Aspiron RRR are available by contacting Innotech.
The model shown in these photos is equipped with a customized 7.0-liter LS7 V-8 good for 692 horsepower and 588 pound-feet of torque on the day Innotech put it on the dynamometer.
Scroll down for more details in the press release.
Track day supercar with a powerful V8 engine
The INNOTECH Aspiron is a high performance adrenaline booster for hard core drivers, built for track day enjoyment and sheer speed in an open cockpit. Our customers probably own other supercars, like the Corvette, Viper, Porche 911, Ferrari or Lamborghini, but in comparison to these cars, the Aspiron is designed as a true track day car with strong racing genes, hand built to customer specs, with a power to weight ratio to shame any road car.
Among track day supercars, the Aspiron offers the best value for the money; a great mix of modern design and on track performance, combined with reasonable pricing and affordable maintenance cost.
Uncompromising track day performance
Race car style body offers a spacious 2-seater fully open cockpit, protected by massive roll-over bars. The cockpit, trimmed completely in carbon-fibre, is equiped with adjustable carbon-fibre seats (incl. FIA homologated seats), 6-point racing harness and adjustable pedals. Optional XL sized carbon-fibre seats accomodate large drivers. A multifunctional dash data logger gives you all the info on the engine, lap times etc. Plenty of downforce is generated by large adjustable carbon-fibre wings, front and rear.
With its outer dimensions (mm/in: L 4850/191 x W 2050/80.7 x H 1100/43.5, wheelbase 2745/108) the Aspiron provides a stable platform like a LeMans prototype. – However, INNOTECH managed to keep the weight low, as one would expect from a modern track day car (kg/lbs: 760 – 860/1680 – 1890 depending on car specs).
Aspiron has a very solid tubular space frame structure with a safe central gas tank location.
Race car style chassis incorporates front and rear A-arm suspension with long arms and adjustable coilover shocks.
The engine is the heart of every supercar: INNOTECH Aspiron was designed to take Chevrolet V8 6.2L – 7.0L engines: LS3 – LS7 – LT1 or supercharged LSA – LS9, stock or upgraded, approx. 500 – 800hp on pump gas, with low maintenance cost and good durability. High performance ARE dry sump systems are on all engines. Top of the line is an upgraded LS9 running on Ethanol E85 with approx. 1000hp. Custom built engines based on LS racing blocks (C5R, C6R or RHS blocks) are available upon request.
All that power goes to the rear wheels via Ricardo 6-speed manual gearbox with limited slip differential (well known from the Ford GT for its durability).
The car in the photos is equipped with a naturally aspirated V8 7.0L based on LS7 block, with forged internals , ARE top level dry sump system and custom engine management system. When dynoed on a very hot humid summer day, the engine showed 692 hp at 6900 rpm and 588 lb-ft (800 Nm) at 5500 rpm, with 400 lb-ft (545 Nm) available at 2500 rpm. What a beast…
Thanks to powerful engines and low curb weight the Aspiron has an excellent power to weight ratio, from 600 hp per tonne for a base model to 1000 hp per tonne for a top model – with a driver on board !
The Aspiron of course has powerful brakes to match its speed: 355-380mm/14-15´´rotors, forged
6 or 8 piston calipers, race brake pads and optional brake bias adjustment from the cockpit.
Aspiron base models run on O.Z. Racing Alleggerita wheels 8.5 x 18 front and 12 x 18 rear, with 245/40 R18 front and 335/30 R18 rear tires, TOYO R 888, Hoosier R6 semi slicks or racing slicks.
For those who wants to spend more money on forged wheels INNOTECH offers optional customized Forgeline GA1R or HRE R40/R43 in 18´´ size with a large variety of finishes.
Customers can also choose among many paint colors and finishes. Each car will be made to order to customer specs. Small Limited Editions are also forseen.
Aspiron cars are built in Europe and INNOTECH supplies customers worldwide with all needed parts.
2014 INNOTECH Aspiron – models and prices w/out sales tax:
Aspiron R 500 V8 LS3 6.2L (500 hp) 114 000 EUR / 149 000 USD
Aspiron RS 700 V8 LS7 7.0L (700 hp) 137 000 EUR / 179 000 USD
Aspiron RSC 750 V8 LSA 6.2L (750 hp) 147 000 EUR / 192 000 USD
Aspiron RSC 800 V8 LS9 6.2L (800 hp) 157 000 EUR / 204 000 USD
Aspiron RSR 900 V8 LS9 6.2L (900 hp) runs on race gasoline, price upon request
Aspiron RRR 1000 V8 LS9 6.2L (1000 hp) runs on Ethanol E85, price upon request
Custom built V8 GM based engines and a large variety of optional equipment will make your Aspiron the one and only in the world !

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