The Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen Audio System

Infotainment, Reviews I By Justin Cornelison I October 27, 2023
Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen stereo interior

The Genesis G90 is a vehicle that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in a modern-day flagship sedan, however, what truly sets it apart from the competition is its remarkable sound system. The Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen audio system has given birth to an exceptional audio experience that redefines the very essence of in-car sound.

Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen stereo interior

The introduction of the Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen audio system commenced in 2018, producing a bespoke audio system that transcends the ordinary. Bang & Olufsen, with its storied legacy dating back to 1925, is renowned for creating iconic audio and home entertainment solutions characterized by unparalleled sound quality, craftsmanship, and design. This partnership was a natural alliance, as both brands share a commitment to redefining luxury through meticulous design choices and a flair for creativity.

The Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen design formed when teams from both companies joined forces from the outset to ensure that every aspect of the G90, from its interior layout to its architecture, was optimized for acoustics. The unique, non-symmetrical shape of the G90’s cabin posed a novel challenge for Bang & Olufsen’s sound engineers. Even minute differences in dimensions could significantly impact sound quality, so extensive simulations and feasibility studies were conducted to quantify the acoustical impact, along with the creation of physical concepts to explore the architectural requirements.

The genesis of the G90’s audio system was a collaborative effort between Genesis, Bang & Olufsen, and HARMAN, with the system architecture and sound tuning meticulously developed at the Hyundai Motor Group Namyang Research & Design Centre in Korea, in tandem with a HARMAN tuning expert. The Industrial Design and Design Concept were crafted at Huemen Design, a globally acclaimed strategic branding and design agency based in Germany. Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) and Headlining Speaker were developed at the HARMAN EPIC (Early Pursuits with Innovative Concepts) center in Denmark.

Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen audio system

One of the standout features of the Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen’s audio experience is the exclusive Virtual Venues, a unique setting that transforms the car’s interior to replicate the acoustics of renowned performance spaces from around the world. This technology continually monitors the interior using an in-car microphone and advanced algorithms to adjust speaker output, creating an immersive 3D sound stage that mimics the acoustic characteristics of famous venues like Boston Symphony Hall.

Bang & Olufsen’s patented pop-up Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) speakers, located in the corners of the dashboard, deliver an advanced sound experience by rising from the top when the system is activated. This unique design disperses sound horizontally over a 180° angle, effectively increasing the acoustic “sweet spot” while reducing reflections off the floor and ceiling for a more natural sound.

Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen stereo interior

To ensure exceptional sound quality, Bang & Olufsen employs externally coupled subwoofer technology, a HARMAN patented hardware that optimizes component size and weight by integrating the subwoofer loudspeaker directly into the G90’s structure. Carefully tuned cavities deliver a rich and controlled bass, and acoustic engineers are involved from the outset to guarantee sufficient space within the car chassis for subwoofer installation.

The attention to detail extends to the exterior, where the grilles of the speakers reflect Genesis’ trademark crest front grille. Crafted from aluminum, a material known for its challenging workability due to its higher thermal conductivity and lower melting point than other metals, Bang & Olufsen’s expertise ensures the fine design is flawlessly executed.

Complementing the G90’s powerful 23-speaker system is Bang & Olufsen’s assistive listening technology and Genesis’ own Active Noise Control-Road (ANC-R), which levels volume levels to combat road noise. Additionally, noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) are minimized through innovations like Michelin foam-filled tires and double laminated glass for enhanced sound insulation.

Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen speaker

The Genesis G90 Bang & Olufsen audio system is a technological marvel, boasting 1700 Watts with 19 active channels, an additional 300W from the Auxiliary Amplifier, and an extra 5 channels from the Boost Amp to enable HARMAN’s QuantumLogic Immersion (QLI), providing a three-dimensional surround sound audio experience with remarkable clarity and detail.

This extraordinary sound system has undergone rigorous testing and is certified by the Japan Audio Society for Hi-Res Audio, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for sound recording, reproduction, and signal transition. The result is an immersive sound quality that transforms each journey into a captivating audio experience.

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