Spotlight: Über-Rare Mercedes-Benz 300SC

A rare Mercedes-Benz has hit the market at Fantasy Junction – a Mercedes-Benz 300SC Coupe.  This numbers matching example, built in 1957, is one of…

By Justin Cornelison | August 05, 2022
Review: 2020 BMW 840i Coupe — Luxury Performance Meets Practicality And Economy

We were incredibly excited to get behind the wheel of the latest BMW 8 Series. Being fans of the old E31 generation, which we find to be one of the most beautiful cars of the 1990s, this latest G15 has big shoes to fill. If someone’s got the cash and aren’t concerned about hauling more than one passenger, they’d be hard-pressed to find a better unique luxury experience that offers a surprisingly amount of practicality and economy. We loved the 2020 BMW 840i Coupe.

By Peter Nelson | May 18, 2020
Update: Official 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Images and Specs Leaked

Late last month we got word that the sportiest of all ATS Coupes would be coming to the Los Angeles Auto Show packing a pair of turbochargers, and around the same time, spy photographers captured the ATS-V completely undisguised as it was being unloaded for a photo shoot. Now official shots of the coupe have leaked online, and some specifics about the powertrain have come along for the ride as well.

By Winding Road Staff | November 11, 2014
Rumors: 2015 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe Spotted Ahead of LA Reveal Packing a Pair of Turbos

While we’re certainly fans of the ATS Coupe in its standard form, and found plenty to like about the CTS Vsport, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a Caddy get the full V treatment. But if these spy shots are any indicator, it looks like the wait is just about over, as the upcoming ATS-V Coupe was spotted completely exposed during a photo shoot ahead of its LA Auto Show debut next month.

By Winding Road Staff | October 29, 2014
Driven: 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe 3.6L Premium

When Cadillac rolled out the high performance CTS-V sedan, along with its subsequent coupe and wagon counterparts, it started to become clear that fairly sweeping change was underway for the company. In the ensuing years, there’s been a concerted effort to change public perception of Cadillac from the go-to choice for reasonably well-heeled pensioners to something more youthful, relevant, and performance oriented. Or to put it another way, more BMW-like. But to truly complete with BMW, they needed a worthy 3-Series fighter, and that’s just what we got with the all-new 2013 ATS sedan – a tour-de-force of GM’s latest engineering efforts designed specifically to beat the German’s at their own game. The sedan has earned high praise from critics and consumers alike, but if Cadillac wanted to achieve parity in the segment, they’d also need an answer to the two door BMW 4-Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class as well. Enter the 2015 ATS Coupe.

By Bradley Iger | September 04, 2014
Renovo Coupe Is a Shelby Daytona With 1000 lb-ft of Torque That Doesn’t Need Gas

In the horsepower-flush times we currently live in, it’s becoming less and less of a Herculean task to take a capable chassis that already exists and stuff a proven performance powertrain in it and call it a supercar. However, it’s quite another thing to take the iconic silhouette of the Shelby Daytona Coupe and create enough all-electric motivation for it to proclaim it as “the first American all-electric supercar.” But that’s just what Renovo has done, and their new car has all the right numbers to back up that claim.

By Bradley Iger | August 19, 2014
Los Angeles 2013: Jaguar F-Type Coupe

As predicted, today Jaguar announced the F-Type Coupe. However, what wasn’t predicted was the new R variant they also introduced, and what an absolute monster it appears to be.

By Bradley Iger | November 20, 2013
Rumors: Model News — Next-Generation Hyundai Genesis Models Could Get A Turbocharged V-6

HyundaiBlog is reporting that the next generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Genesis sedan could feature a turbocharged version of the company’s current 3.8-liter V-6 engine.

By Doran Dal Pra | October 31, 2012
Rumors: Industry Report–Mini To Cancel JCW GP Coupe?

Mini’s exclusive ‘GP’ badge has only ever appeared upon a select few Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works models–a mere 415 were ever brought to the United States since 2006. A JCW GP Coupe was rumored, but according to a new report on MotoringFile, Mini has apparently pulled the plug on the GP Coupe before it had the chance to see the light of day.

By Doran Dal Pra | July 12, 2012
Winding Road Video: 2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe – Quick Drive

This Wednesday at Winding Road we show you around the 2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe.

By Chris Amos | February 01, 2012
Long Term Car: 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe

With the dawn of a new year just behind us, we decided it was high time we got another long-term tester into the office. This time around, we snagged a 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe for a whopping 366 days. That’s right, we’ll be driving this Mini through the snows of February, the ice of April, the humidity of August, and the changing colors of October, as we take it on road trips both far and wide.

By Brandon Turkus | January 17, 2012
Detroit 2012: Live Images Of The 2013 Honda Accord Coupe Concept

We just watched as Honda revealed the concept version of the upcoming 2013 Accord Coupe in Detroit. Have a look at the nearly production-ready vehicle, or see our previous post for more information.

By John Beltz Snyder | January 10, 2012
Winding Road Video: 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe – Quick Drive

The 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe showed up at our office on a wet and rainy Monday afternoon. Despite the uninspiring weather and general lack of traction, we grabbed the keys and went out for a quick drive to experience the IPL’s subtle improvements over the Infiniti G Coupe.

By Chris Amos | September 28, 2011
Driven: 2012 BMW 650i Coupe

The BMW 6-Series is an oddly seductive car. Back in the day (the late ‘70s and ‘80s), BMW shipped the first E24 edition of the 6, and a beauty it was. BMW understood that many a driver wanted something more svelte and mature than a sports car. And BMW understood that such drivers wanted a car that drove well, but struck a balance between luxury and dynamics. BMW was emerging as the king of this balance, and the 6er became one of the iconic members of BMW’s rise in brand desirability and strength. This phase of the 6 was mostly seduction and very little oddity other than the peculiar balance of attributes that the car offered.

By Tom Martin | September 06, 2011
First Look: Mini Cooper Coupe

We’ve just gotten our first official look at the newest member of the growing Mini family. The Mini Cooper Coupe represents a return to basics, with a sporty two-seat layout instead of the two hardly usable seats found in the hardtop.

By Brandon Turkus | June 06, 2011
Driven: 2011 BMW 1-Series M Coupe

While the natural reaction is to compare the 1-Series M Coupe to the 135i, BMW has used the original E30 M3 as the inspiration for this car. It shares proportions with the 1988 M3, being just 4.8 inches wider and 1.3 inches longer, with a wheelbase 3 inches longer. Compared to the 135, it the 1M has the same wheelbase and slightly wider track (2.8 inches in front and 1.8 inches in the rear). It’s 11 pounds lighter than the 135i, at 3362 pounds. It borrows a lot of components from the current M3, including its aluminum rear subframe and suspension, centrifugal M variable differential lock, and nineteen-inch wheels.

By John Beltz Snyder | May 24, 2011
Quick Drive: 2011 Jaguar XK Coupe

What the XK is not is a true driver’s sports car. The automatic transmission is a bit too lazy when one asks for quick shifts. The motor, while plenty potent, has got an awful lot of weight to shift in this big coupe, which makes the experience something well short of “scary” fast in all cases. Perhaps most telling though, is that the XK never really commits to turning in like a smallish sports car should—preferring to take longer, stately arcing turns in favor of fast directional changes.

By Winding Road Staff | December 28, 2010
First Look: BMW Concept 6-Series Coupe

BMW has taken the wraps off of its Concept 6-Series Coupe a few weeks before the Paris Motor Show. This may be labeled as “Concept” but it is really a concept car in name only. With the exception of a few details that have been gussied up for auto show duty, word is that this coupe is essentially our first look at the new 6-Series, which will likely debut as a 2012 model.

By Brandon Turkus | September 20, 2010
Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Caught Again, Interior Seen

Our vigilant spy photographer has again caught the Mercede-Benz C-Class Coupe, and this time he managed to capture a glimpse of the cockpit.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 15, 2010
Quick Drive: 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX

For the price, of course, it takes some work to think of a better car. The Fit is more tossable and agile, but it lacks the Koup’s style. The Cube has style, but of a different sort, and isn’t as fast as the Koup, even if it is more entertaining. The Scion tC is a direct competitor, and I thought the tC was more engaging if slightly more ragged in its presentation. Of course you can spend more and get some really interesting cars (MazdaSpeed3, Civic Si, Mini), but we’re talking substantially more coin. So, all in all, the Koup seems like a pretty good value.

By Winding Road Staff | July 28, 2010
GM Announces Pricing on 2011 CTS, CTS-V Coupes

GM has just released pricing information on the hotly anticipated Cadillac CTS coupe, and Germany should beware.

By Brandon Turkus | May 21, 2010


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