C8 Corvette ZR1 To Get 900 Horsepower Hybridized Drivetrain!

Motor Trend has some very interesting news about the next iteration of the ZR1 in the new mid-engine, C8-generation Corvette: it will have a hybridized drivetrain that could boost power all the way to 900 horsepower!

By Peter Nelson | November 22, 2019
Rumors: Industry Report—Proof Of Chevy Camaro Z28 Package Uncovered?

Camaro5 user “showstopper” was installing the diffuser on a Camaro ZL1 when something particularly revealing was discovered on one of the mounting brackets.

By Doran Dal Pra | May 03, 2012
Keepers: Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1—Community

Those who read the last two Keepers segments on the ZR-1 (here and here if you missed them) already have some familiarity with the premier Corvette ZR-1 enthusiast group, ZR-1 Net Registry. Aside from flooding our inboxes with gorgeous ZR-1 photos, the experts at the Registry are, well, experts. We’re not just talking about folks who may have owned a ZR-1 here or there, or host occasional backyard ZR-1 cookouts—ZR-1 Net Registry is also home to several members with various ties to the original ZR-1 program, and being affiliated with that kind of knowledge only makes ZR-1 ownership that much sweeter.

By Christopher Smith | March 01, 2010
Keepers: Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1—Shopping

First things first; don’t expect to step into a Corvette ZR-1 for pocket change. The original 1990 model topped $60,000—double the cost of a regular Corvette and that ratio held true throughout the ZR-1’s production run, with the last models in 1995 actually nearing the $70,000 mark. Nor do these figures account for dealer markups of the day, some of which reportedly took the ‘Vette to six-figure price tags.

By Christopher Smith | February 19, 2010
Keepers: Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

Take a close look at the title, and reserve your letters of correction until you finish reading this piece. We’re not talking about the current Corvette ZR1, which eliminates the hyphen according to GM’s present day alpha-numeric designations. Nor are we talking about the 1970-1972 Corvette, 53 of which were sold with an optional ZR1 package that swapped luxuries like power steering for performance upgrades. There’s only one generation of Corvette that used the designation ZR-1, and from 1990 through 1995 it positively ruled the roadways of America, not to mention holding its own against the world’s best super cars of the day. We’re of course talking about the original “King of the Hill” Chevrolet, the Corvette ZR-1.

By Christopher Smith | February 15, 2010


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