Orella Acoustics Offers Direct Replacement Audio for your Tesla

Infotainment, News I By Justin Cornelison I April 26, 2023
Orella Acoustics

Orella Acoustics, a brand new company dedicated to enhancing the in-car listening experience for music lovers, has launched with an initial offering of car audio solutions for select Tesla model vehicles. Orella Acoustics’ sound systems are designed to be a direct fit or replacement for a vehicle’s current audio components, without the need for complex installation processes that would affect the car’s aesthetic or require the cutting and splicing of wires.

Orella Acoustics

At the heart of Orella Acoustics lies a dedication to the collective vision of those who appreciate luxurious, high-quality vehicles that offer more than just transportation. The brand’s team, with decades of experience in the HiFi audio industry, has combined expertise and engineering to create a product that delivers sound experiences like no other. The team aims to provide customers with confidence and certainty by delivering sound systems that are innovative, stylish, and transformative.

Sandy Lirag, co-founder of Orella Acoustics, stated, “We believe Orella Acoustics is Divine Sound, Defined. We provide confidence and a ‘certainty’ to our customers by delivering a sound experience like no other. Innovative, stylish, and transformative.” Tavis Tan, co-founder of Orella Acoustics, added that they “pride ourselves in creating plug and play solutions that we believe almost anyone can install.”

Orella’s initial product offering includes sound systems specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. The Element Sound Systems are both speaker and subwoofer upgrades that deliver unmatched sound reproduction, seamless integration, and uncompromising reliability. These upgrades are available together or sold separately.

Mike Belair, sales director of Orella Acoustics, stated that “our sound systems are designed to be a direct fit or a direct replacement of your vehicle’s current audio components. No need to cut and splice wires or make unnecessary changes to the interior aesthetic of your ride. It’s simple really: your high-quality vehicle will remain intact, but now with a more magnificent sound to accompany your journey.”

In addition to their product offerings, Orella has also announced that they are open to partnerships and sales opportunities with select retailers who want to offer their customers high-quality direct fit sound system upgrades.

Orella Acoustics’ launch is an exciting development for music lovers who prioritize a high-quality listening experience while driving. The company’s focus on simplicity, style, and innovation in their sound systems promises to transform the driving experience for Tesla owners and potentially expand to other car models in the future.

Orella Acoustics

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