Top 10 Worst Ways To Spend $10K On eBay Motors

For every amazing deal we spot on eBay Motors, we find maybe a dozen or more horrendous potential bilkings. Especially around times like these, where very high gas prices are throwing many established values out of the door, there are more than a few sellers out there with some awfully wrong-headed ideas.

By Guest Contributor | May 10, 2011
List: Ten Project Cars You Can Buy With Your Tax Refund

It’s tax season. We know, bummer. But once you’re done crunching the numbers, many of you will be expecting a check from the IRS. A quick Google search suggests last year’s average refund for an individual was $3000. That’s enough for a car! That’s where eBay Motors comes in.

By Corey Rueth | March 30, 2011
Keepers: Pontiac Fiero GT—Community

The world is full of auto enthusiasts who love buying, tinkering with, and driving great cars from years gone by. But there’s more to it than that, or at least, there should be, and that’s been part of the Keepers mission from day one. Every now and again, stories crop up about enthusiasts driving hundreds of miles to deliver much-needed parts to someone they’ve never met, or clubs organizing tech meets to help get a fellow car nut back on the road, all with no thought of reward or financial gain. We mention this because the Pontiac Fiero community gets it; they get that it’s not enough to just love the car. Auto enthusiasts helping other enthusiasts—sometimes it’s better than actually driving the car, and sometimes, if the stars should happen to fall in line, something down right inspirational happens.

By Christopher Smith | June 23, 2010
Keepers: Pontiac Fiero GT—Shopping

You’ve seen Fieros. Most likely you’ve seen some for sale. You may even have spotted a Fiero priced so low that you thought about buying it, just to satisfy your long standing curiosity about this car. Of course, being priced so low, odds are the car needed something significant, like, say, a new engine and transmission, right? This could well be the case, but then again, maybe it isn’t.

By Christopher Smith | June 11, 2010
Keepers: Pontiac Fiero GT

Ah yes, the glorious Fiero. Nothing says 1980’s poseur mobile better than a cheap version of the same-era Toyota MR2, and that’s not including the countless fiberglass body kits—some of which are truly craptastic—to have graced the pint-sized Pontiac over the years. It seems that even Fiero owners are embarrassed when sitting behind the wheel; what other reason would drive a person to shell out substantial coin for a Ferrari F-40 conversion kit designed by someone without depth perception? Have we totally lost our minds to call this car a Keeper?

By Christopher Smith | June 01, 2010


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