Racecar Profile: Toyota Motorsport GT86 CS-R3

Cars, Features I By Winding Road Staff I September 11, 2014
Earlier this year we took a look at the Toyota GT86 CS-V3, a race car developed for V3 class in the VLN Endurance Championship that also eligible for any production-based class. But if your racing aspirations also take you off the pavement and into the realm of rally competition, the newest iteration of the GT86 racer might be a little more your style. 
Aimed directly at private competitors, the rear-wheel-drive GT86 CS-R3 is a rally car that’s designed to offer reliability, safety, and some serious fun. The CS-R3 fully conforms to FIA R3 regulations, which means it is suitable for nearly all rally events, from local competitions right up to the FIA World Rally Championship.
As the development process for the CS-R3 nears completion, we’ve pulled together the latest data available about the new rally car. Pricing and options are expected to be announced shortly. Racers interested in finding out more can contact [email protected] to be notified once additional information become available. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the specifications and other details of the car:
Length: 166.93 inches
Width: 69.88 inches
Wheelbase: 101.18 inches
TBD (Fall 2014, competitive to other R3 models)
2380lbs minimum (regulation)
2.0-liter Boxer flat four, 240-250 horsepower
HJS racing exhaust + exhaust manifold
Fuel cell
75ltr FT3 safety cell
Six-speed sequential
RWD w/limited slip differential
Steel monocoque bodyshell and roof ventilation
Front: MacPherson type
Rear: double wishbone
Shocks: Reiger
Front: 13-inch disc with four-pot calipers
Rear: 11.8-inch disc with two-pot calipers (by regulation)
Tarmac: OZ 7” x 17”
Gravel: OZ 6” x 15”
Homologated R3 safety cage
Services Offered By Manufacturer 
  •         Custom fabrication and engineering
  •         Parts supply 
Eligible Classes
The GT86 CS-R3 conforms to FIA R3 regulations and is therefore suitable for nearly all rally events, from local competition all the way up to the FIA World Rally Championships. This includes: 

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