Fitness: A Mini-revolution In Bicycle Design

The strangeness of bike category-think.

By Tom Martin | April 14, 2021
Ten of the Greatest Designs from Marcello Gandini

Marcello Gandini is an Italian car designer born on August 26th, 1938, in Turin, the motor city of Italy. He developed a passion for cars in the early 1950s and quickly started sketching them in his free time.

Story has it Gandini’s sketches first came to life when a friend hired him to draw a new body for the OSCA 1500 Barchetta that he raced all around Italy. The stunning body that Gandini drew was later built by an experienced panel beater and bolted to the Barchetta’s chassis.

By Ronan Glon | July 09, 2014
Gear: I Draw Cars – Sketchbook And Reference Guide

Michiganders Matt Marrocco and Adam Hubers have launched a Kickstarter project for their sketchbook and reference guide for budding auto designers. It’s called I Draw Cars, and it currently available for preorder with a pledge of $25 or more to their project.

By John Beltz Snyder | June 15, 2011
List: The Ten Most Beautiful Cars Of The Decade

As 2009 comes to a close, we’ve been reflecting on the many cars that have stood out over the past decade. And though many cars are revered for their great levels of performance or their overall presence in the automotive marketplace, a car’s design is easily the most recognizable trait that lingers in our minds. Here, we present to you, the most beautiful cars of the last decade.

By Jeff Sexton | December 22, 2009


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