Revealed: Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ

Cars, News I By Justin Cornelison I August 10, 2023
Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ

In a world that’s rapidly transitioning towards electrification, Cadillac has stepped up its game by unveiling the highly anticipated 2025 electric Cadillac Escalade IQ. With its distinctive design, impressive performance, and a slew of cutting-edge features, the Escalade IQ signifies the brand’s commitment to innovation and luxury in the electric vehicle landscape.

Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ rear

A Fresh Design Language: Merging Form and Function

The electric Cadillac Escalade IQ stands apart from its predecessors, not only in terms of its propulsion system but also in its design philosophy. Embracing Cadillac’s futuristic design cues, the Escalade IQ is instantly recognizable by its bold and dynamic appearance. The “IQ” suffix (not to be confused with Mercedes-Benz’s electric brand EQ), which has graced other Cadillac EVs like the Lyriq and Celestiq, signifies the vehicle’s electric nature.

One of the most striking features of the electric Cadillac Escalade IQ is the distinctive L-shaped motif ahead of the D-pillar, a design element shared with its electric counterparts. This motif, combined with captivating lighting effects on the front and rear, creates an alluring and futuristic aesthetic that sets the Escalade IQ apart from its gasoline-powered counterparts.

Power and Performance: Electrifying Performance

Under the hood (or more accurately, beneath the floor), the Escalade IQ boasts impressive electric power. With an astounding 750 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque available in its Velocity Max drive mode, this electric luxury SUV doesn’t compromise on performance. Even in its regular drive mode, the Escalade IQ still impresses with 680 horsepower and 615 pound-feet of torque.

Equipped with front and rear motors that power all four wheels, the Escalade IQ can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than five seconds in Velocity Max mode. While the exact time might not quite match its gasoline-powered counterparts, the instant torque and seamless power delivery characteristic of electric vehicles promise an exhilarating driving experience.

An Evolution in Design and Engineering

The electric Cadillac Escalade IQ represents more than just an electrified version of its predecessors. Unlike its gasoline siblings, this electric SUV boasts a clean-sheet design that liberates it from the constraints of sharing a platform with other vehicles. Instead, the IQ is built on the same foundational architecture as the GMC Hummer EV and Chevrolet Silverado EV.

Powered by GM’s innovative Ultium 24-module battery pack, the Escalade IQ offers a usable battery capacity of over 200 kWh. This substantial capacity translates to an estimated range of 450 miles, alleviating concerns about range anxiety on long journeys. Moreover, the IQ supports fast charging, capable of adding 100 miles of range in just 10 minutes at compatible DC fast-charging stations.

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Luxury and Technology: Elevating the In-Cabin Experience

Step inside the Escalade IQ, and you’ll be greeted by a cabin that seamlessly blends opulence with advanced technology. The centerpiece is an awe-inspiring 55-inch touchscreen display that spans the entire width of the dashboard. However, this seemingly singular screen is actually divided into two sections: a 35-inch display for the driver and a 25-inch screen for the passenger. This setup ensures that the driver’s attention remains focused on the road while still providing ample information and entertainment for the passenger.

The interior of the Escalade IQ redefines luxury with its attention to detail and passenger comfort. Second-row captain’s chairs come standard, while an available Executive Second Row option transforms the rear cabin into a haven of relaxation. Equipped with features like heating, ventilation, massage, and rear headrest monitors, this setup promises a truly indulgent experience for rear-seat occupants.

Driving Innovation: Towards a Bright Electric Future

The 2025 electric Cadillac Escalade IQ stands as a testament to Cadillac’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of design, performance, and technology. As the brand’s first all-electric Escalade, the IQ heralds a new era of luxury EVs that seamlessly blend sustainable mobility with uncompromising luxury and performance. With its striking design, impressive range, and innovative features, the Escalade IQ paves the way for an exciting electric future, where opulence and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony. Get ready to embrace the IQ revolution in the summer of 2024.

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ profile

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ charger

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ interior

Electric Cadillac Escalade IQ dash

Electric Cadillac Escalade

Electric Cadillac Escalade

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