Highlighted Podcast: SlipAngle Goes In-Depth With James Houghton And His TSX Build

In this 314th episode, the SlipAngle crew sits down with James Houghton (of North American time attack prominence) at COTA to talk about his recent GLTC TSX build. Houghton hails from Ontario; unfortunately his racing suit does not include red and green suspenders.

By Winding Road Staff | March 10, 2020
Highlighted Podcast: SlipAngle Podcast Discusses The Glory That Is A Modified Audi TTRS

This is a great one: we love the TTRS, so we were especially excited to see this one show up in our Apple podcasts!

By Winding Road Staff | February 10, 2020
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Podcast – Jeff Braun At PRI

SlipAngle Podcast Episode 295 – Adam and Abe were lucky to catch Jeff Braun at PRI. Jeff’s been in pro racing forever and has been a long-time friend of the show.

By Winding Road Staff | January 03, 2020
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Podcast Talks With ForTheSakeofRacing

Episode 288 – Adam sat down with new GLTC buddies Max and Dusty from ForTheSakeofRacing, who are part of a team who campaign a rather unique and well loved Mercedes 190e in both Champ Car enduros and #GRIDLIFE Touring Cup sprint racing.

By Winding Road Staff | December 03, 2019
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Episode 275

In this episode of SlipAngle Powered By MotoIQ, a bunch of Midwestern Honda enthusiasts discuss GRIDLIFE TrackBattle, GLTC, and more.

By Peter Nelson | September 10, 2019
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Episode 270 – Time Attack Superstar Jackie Ding

While at WMHM back in late-July, Adam and Abe caught up with the legendary Jackie Ding to talk about growing up behind the wheel of a racecar.

By Peter Nelson | August 15, 2019
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Podcast With Brian Gillespie of Hasport

Brian Gillespie shares a lot of insight about swapping Honda engines, and they even talk about the underrated Honda Prelude as a powerful track weapon.

By Peter Nelson | July 30, 2019
Highlighted Podcast Episode: SlipAngle Interviews Porsche Engine Builder Blake Meredith

In Episode 266 of SlipAngle Powered By Moto IQ, Adam, Abrin, and Derek interview renowned Porsche engine builder Blake Meredith. Blake shares his background in club racing, ranging from 1st-gen CRXs to Spec Boxsters and beyond.

By Peter Nelson | July 09, 2019


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