WR TV: 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray by Lingenfelter

As we reported earlier this year, the new C7 Stingray is pretty great right out of the box. But when the tuners at Lingenfelter got their hands on the new Corvette, they turned it into a bonafide road-going missile with a very angry disposition.

By Winding Road Staff | November 26, 2014
WR TV: 2014 Lingenfelter Chevrolet Silverado Reaper

While we were out at Willow Springs for the MPG Track Days event we had a chance to take the Lingenfelter Reaper around a dirt course to check out the various modifications that the tuning company has made to the Silverado. Lingenfelter has designed the Reaper as something of an answer to the Ford F-150 Raptor, taking the already very capable Silverado Z71 and transforming it into a truly brawny pick-up for on and off-road duty.

By Bradley Iger | November 12, 2014
WR TV: Lingenfelter LTA

For many, the biggest loss taken when GM’s restructuring called for Pontiac to close its doors was the revelation that we’d never see a Firebird based on the fifth generation Camaro. Since the new Camaro’s introduction for the 2010 model year many have offered their own approach to what Pontiac’s pony car might have looked like, with varying degrees of aesthetic and performance success. The Lingenfelter LTA, however, might be the final word on the subject.

By Bradley Iger | August 04, 2014
WR TV: Lingenfelter Camaro ZL1 Convertible

This week we setting our sights on one of most potent muscle cars on sale today, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. While it boasts plenty of performance right off the showroom floor, once the engineers at Lingenfelter got their hands on this blown drop-top, things get especially interesting.

By Bradley Iger | June 24, 2014


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