WRR TV: Why Even Pro Drivers Are Running ChampCar

The great thing about ChumpCar is the chance to practice passing with fairly big closing speed differences and unknown drivers. Winding Road Team TFB test driver Will Faules shows what we’re talking about in this short clip from ChumpCar at Circuit of the Americas.

By Tom Martin | November 03, 2020
ChampCar As Racing School?

We want to mention one less well-known element of Chump that we think makes it a great series for more experienced drivers.

By Tom Martin | November 03, 2020
The Guide to Road Racing, Part 10: Getting Started – ChampCar

In this installment of the guide we’ll be diving into the ChampCar series, and what sets it apart from the more traditional sanctions like SCCA and NASA. We recently had the opportunity to run a stint amongst a six-driver team in a ChampCar 24 hour endurance race, held at Buttonwillow Raceway. For a number of reasons, this sort of racing is substantially different from the Spec Miata SCCA sprint racing we’ve been discussing thus far, so we’ll be covering some of the key components that make both ChampCar and the endurance racing format unique in comparison to our previous segments.

By Bradley Iger | August 29, 2020
Video: A Taste Of ChampCar At Utah Motorsports Campus

Champcar World Series is a low-cost endurance racing series. It was previously known as ChumpCar and has a format somewhat like LeMons racing. The rules are set up to make the cars relatively inexpensive to build and the endurance format allows 3-5 drivers to split the expenses. Licensing is also easier than in traditional club racing.

By Jeff Sexton | October 31, 2018
92-Horsepower Miata Shows Who’s Boss In ChampCar

In this video we see Winding Road Team TFB driver Mark Drennan demonstrate that power isn’t everything.

By Winding Road Staff | May 24, 2017


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