Rumors: Spy Shots—Refreshed BMW 5-Series GT

Our comrades over at Autoblog recently posted photos of a 5-Series Gran Turismo out and about sporting a camoflauged front and rear, there likely to hide the details of a recent nip-and-tuck job. This oddball Bimmer was rumored to be headed for the chopping block due to uninspiring sales, but these new photos could speak to the contrary.

By Doran Dal Pra | November 07, 2012
First Look: 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 5

BMW brought the upcoming ActiveHybrid 5 to the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, giving us a glimpse of the future fuel-economy champion of the 5-Series range. When it hits US shores this March, the ActiveHybrid 5 will make use of the 3.0-liter turbocharged six from the 535i, along with an electric drivetrain and an eight-speed automatic.

By Brandon Turkus | December 05, 2011
BMW 5-Series: A Look Back After 5.5 Million

With the launch of the sixth generation of the 5-Series, BMW has taken the time to celebrate the sale of 5.5 million total models over the course of five generations. As part of the celebration, some new images of past models have been released (which we have compiled in the gallery). BMW has also penned a piece on the history of the sedan which is sure to capture the hearts of Roundel-lovers everywhere.

By Brandon Turkus | April 16, 2010
First Look: 2011 BMW 5-Series GT xDrive

Designed to compete with the likes of the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes-Benz CLS, the BMW 5-Series GT is a bit of an oddity. Not swoopy, low to the ground, or very sporty looking, the 5GT occupies a niche within a niche. Being a 5-Series though, it should come as no surprise that it is a pretty good drive.

By Brandon Turkus | April 15, 2010
Driven: 2010 BMW 550i Gran Turismo

During our drive through the woodsy, hilly roads of southern New York and northern New Jersey, there was one question that kept cropping up during every conversation about the new BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo: “What is this thing?”

By Steven J. Ewing | December 02, 2009


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