VW Unveils the Electric ID.Buzz Microbus

Cars, News I By Justin Cornelison I June 06, 2023
Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus

For decades, the iconic Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus has captivated hearts with its retro charm and distinctive design. Now, Volkswagen is set to revolutionize the Microbus legacy with the newly-unveiled 2025 VW Electric ID. Buzz, an all-electric reincarnation that promises to bring the classic Microbus into the 21st century. In this article, we will compare these two vehicles and explore the exciting features and specifications of the upcoming ID. Buzz in the U.S. market.

Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus


The Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus is renowned for its timeless and instantly recognizable design. Its rounded shape, two-tone paint scheme, and large windows evoke a sense of nostalgia and adventure. On the other hand, the 2025 VW ID. Buzz takes inspiration from its predecessor’s design cues but adds a futuristic twist. The ID. Buzz embraces a sleeker, aerodynamic profile while retaining the Microbus’ characteristic two-tone color options and a spacious interior that accommodates up to eight passengers.

Powertrain and Performance

Where the Microbus relied on a gasoline engine, the 2025 VW ID.Buzz boasts an all-electric powertrain. In the U.S., the Electric ID. Buzz is expected to be available in different variants, offering various electric motor configurations and power outputs to suit different needs. While specific details are yet to be announced, the ID. Buzz is anticipated to provide impressive acceleration, smooth handling, and a range that can comfortably cover long journeys.

Range and Charging

One of the significant advantages of electric vehicles is their range and charging capabilities. The VW Type 2 Microbus, with its conventional internal combustion engine, offered a range that varied depending on the model and engine configuration. In contrast, the electric ID. Buzz is expected to feature a sizeable battery pack, offering a substantial driving range on a single charge. When it comes to charging, the ID. Buzz will likely support fast-charging technology, enabling quick top-ups at compatible charging stations throughout the United States.

Interior and Technology

Both the Microbus and the ID. Buzz prioritize spaciousness and comfort for passengers. The classic Microbus features a simple yet functional interior with a front bench seat and a versatile rear seating arrangement. In contrast, the ID. Buzz will introduce modern amenities and cutting-edge technology. The U.S. version of the ID. Buzz is expected to include a large infotainment display, advanced driver-assistance systems, and seamless integration with mobile devices for enhanced connectivity.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, the transition from the gasoline-powered Microbus to the Electric ID. Buzz represents a significant leap forward in terms of environmental impact. The ID. Buzz’s all-electric powertrain emits zero tailpipe emissions, contributing to cleaner air and reduced carbon footprint. Additionally, the increased adoption of electric vehicles can contribute to a more sustainable energy ecosystem if paired with renewable energy sources for charging.

The Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus and the upcoming 2025 VW ID. Buzz share a common heritage while embracing different eras of automotive technology. The Electric ID. Buzz combines the nostalgia of the Microbus with the modern advantages of electric mobility, promising an exciting and sustainable transportation solution for the future. With its retro-inspired design, impressive range, advanced technology, and eco-friendly performance, the ID. Buzz is poised to carry the Microbus legacy forward while ushering in a new era of electric retro buses. Exciting times lie ahead for enthusiasts and environmentally conscious drivers alike.

Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus

Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus

Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus

Electric ID. Buzz VW Microbus

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