Tesla and Hilton Partner to Expand EV Charging Network

Tesla and Hilton announced a massive partnership which is set to revolutionize the accessibility of electric vehicle charging locations.

By Justin Cornelison | October 09, 2023
Mini eMastered Combines British Craftsmanship and Electric Innovation

David Brown Automotive has unveiled an all-electric creation that signals a new era for the company – the Mini eMastered.

By Justin Cornelison | September 20, 2023
Electric CLA Showcases Next-Gen Modular Architecture

The long-range entry-level electric CLA is set to take on the Tesla Model 3 and redefine what it means to be a compact electric car.

By Justin Cornelison | September 15, 2023
Watch: NEVS Emily GT Revealed on Top Gear

The NEVS Emily GT was unveiled recently and receiving high praise from the prestigious British TV show, Top Gear

By Justin Cornelison | July 07, 2023
Volkswagen in Talks to Adopt Tesla’s NACS Charging Plugs

VW, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, is reportedly in discussions to adopt Tesla’s NACS for its electric vehicles.

By Justin Cornelison | July 07, 2023
Automakers Embrace Tesla NACS Proprietary Supercharger Network

In a surprising turn of events, several major automotive manufacturers have announced their intention to utilize Tesla NACS charging network.

By Justin Cornelison | June 29, 2023
Alpine Sports Cars Coming Stateside! But…..

When we initially heard Alpine Sports Cars will finally arrive starting in 2027, the excitement returned.  But, there’s a catch

By Justin Cornelison | June 27, 2023
AEHRA Sedan Revealed

AEHRA, the global ultra-premium electric brand, continues to make waves in the industry with its latest unveiling of the AEHRA Sedan.

By Justin Cornelison | June 22, 2023
Electrified Cars and Coffee Car Show this Weekend

This Sunday, June 25, 2023, the Petersen Automotive Museum is set to make history with its inaugural Electrified Cars and Coffee gathering. More than 300…

By Justin Cornelison | June 22, 2023
Is a Manual Transmission EV possible? Toyota’s Working on it

Imagine a manual transmission EV, is it possible?  In the world of performance cars, the transition to electric vehicles is becoming increasingly inevitable. However, this…

By Justin Cornelison | June 15, 2023
The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven

The Vision One-Eleven reimagines an iconic design to usher in a new standard for the future of Mercedes-Benz’s electric mobility push.

By Justin Cornelison | June 15, 2023
VW Unveils the Electric ID.Buzz Microbus

The all-new VW Electric ID.Buzz combines the nostalgia of the Microbus with the modern advantages of electric mobility – sign us up!

By Justin Cornelison | June 06, 2023
$100 Million: The Massive Porsche eFuels Investment

The Porsche eFuels investment aim’s to keep their classic’s on the road, and provide an alternative to being electric-only.

By Justin Cornelison | June 05, 2023
AEHRA Forms Partnership with Miba Battery Systems

The partnership with Miba Battery Systems marks a significant milestone for AEHRA as it strives to transform the EV customer experience.

By Justin Cornelison | June 01, 2023
Ford Will Use Tesla Charging Ports

By leveraging Tesla’s established charging ports, Ford is demonstrating its commitment to providing a faster charge for it’s customers.

By Justin Cornelison | June 01, 2023
Ford’s New Three-Row Electric SUV Teased at Capital Markets Day

Among the highlights was a tantalizing tease of a new three-row electric SUV, which looks to be similar in size to the Ford Explorer model.

By Justin Cornelison | May 23, 2023
Electric Boating: the BMW Icon Yacht

BMW’s latest creation has made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival, stealing the limelight from other premieres – meet the BMW Icon Yacht.

By Justin Cornelison | May 19, 2023
Four New Electric Subaru Models Set to Roll Out by End of 2026

The brand has announced its ambitious plan to launch four new electric Subaru models by the end of 2026, in aim to push electrification.

By Justin Cornelison | May 11, 2023
The Glorious Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 BRABUS

When you combine German tuner BRABUS with AMG, the results are usually magnificent.  The Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 BRABUS is no exception.

By Justin Cornelison | May 11, 2023
Spied: Porsche Boxster 983 EV

The Porsche Boxster 983 EV is expected to arrive in 2025, while the latest spy video show doing laps at the famed Nürburgring race track.

By Justin Cornelison | May 05, 2023
The Polestar 4 Electric SUV Coupe

With its sleek and futuristic design, the Polestar 4 Electric SUV Coupe is set to challenge the status quo of the traditional SUV market.

By Justin Cornelison | April 21, 2023


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