Survey Results: Why You’re Not At The Track

Features, Racing I By Luciana D'Andretta I February 19, 2019

Last week we did a survey to understand why drivers who are relatively new to motorsports or are outsiders looking in, aren't getting more involved. We received 45 answers to the question "What are the main barriers to driving in motorsports events?" These included "my wife would kill me" and "lack of time" and "prior injuries". The top 5 are shown below.

Winding Road Survey - Why You Are Not at the Track

That cost was #1 comes as no surprise. Motorsports are relatively expensive compared to many other sports or activities. We were a bit surprised that distance to tracks rated as #2, but thinking about the entire great big country of ours, this isn't such a shock. We were a little surprised that damage to cars ranked third and fourth, but if cost is a concern, then damage certainly makes sense. Cost would also limit participants ability to own a dedicated track car (to alleviate damage concerns outside costs). Concerns about skills make sense when you are new to the sport and suggest that the industry hasn't done enough to address this.

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