Ingrid Steffensen

Speed Secrets: Getting Your Game Face On

I think there’s so much to be learned from other sports and other athletes that can apply to performance and race driving. So when Ingrid Steffensen sent me her article about what she observed at a hockey game (and how it related to driving), I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

By Ross Bentley | August 22, 2020
Speed Secrets: Hard Lessons

As an in-car instructor, you’re in control, whether you are or not. Huh? The second you strap in next to a driver and head out on the track, your words, how you use them, and your actions will control your student more than you may even realize. If you do the right things, you get your student to do the right things; if you do little or nothing, you’re leaving the control in the hands of your student—in that case, you’re controlling the situation by doing nothing!

By Ross Bentley | February 04, 2020
Speed Secrets: Pickles, Gearshifts, & Human Obsolescence – The Demise of the Manual Gear Change

What do pickles and shifting a car’s transmission have in common? I’ll leave it to this week’s contributor, Ingrid Steffensen (author of the great book, Fast Girl) to explain, but I’ll tell you right now it probably has nothing to do with what you’re thinking. -Ross

By Ross Bentley | October 15, 2019
Speed Secrets: Six Elements Required to Achieve New Goals

Nothing better than holiday meals. Well, nothing better, other than getting back in the swing of things for the upcoming season by resuming a fitness program. Yep, two days off, then back at it (although I did see a photo of Simon Pagenault working out on Christmas Day…). Ingrid Steffensen, author of the great book, Fast Girl, is back with a little inspiration.

By Ross Bentley | January 08, 2015


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