Coded Messages From COTA (USGP 2019)

Because Winding Road World Headquarters is in Austin, we tend to pay a little more attention to F1 when the show comes to town.

By Tom Martin | November 05, 2019
“Americans Don’t Like Formula 1” — The Real Story, Part 1

Oh, if only we had a dollar for every time that phrase was uttered in the two-year run-up to the USGP. We recall smiling at the interesting relationship our media colleagues have with data. Which is to say, if a meme is out there and gets repeated enough, it becomes “true.” Now Formula Money, a consultancy, has reported on 2012 race attendance.

By Tom Martin | March 15, 2013
Construction Restarts At Circuit Of The Americas

Workers have returned to the Circuit Of The Americas after a weeks-long delay, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Questions about the pace of the construction have been raised for over a month, as conflicting reports came in on the progress of America’s first purpose-built Formula 1 track. This comes after the original date of June 17, 2012 was moved to November 18 of next year.

By Brandon Turkus | October 05, 2011
Designers Reveal Formula 1 Austin Circuit Plans

The organizers of the US Grand Prix have revealed the design of the circuit to be built near Austin, Texas. Created by track designer Hermann Tilke and Full Throttle Productions, the 3.4-mile track has 20 turns and 130 feet of elevation change.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 01, 2010
Formula 1 Announces 2012 United States Grand Prix In Austin, Texas

It’s official: the United States will be hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2012. According to, the 2012 U.S. Grand Prix will be held in Austin, Texas, and will remain in the Lone Star State until 2021.

By Brandon Turkus | May 25, 2010
Monticello Motor Club May Host U.S. Formula 1 Grand Prix

A letter published by AutoWeek revealed that Monticello Motor Club president Ari Strauss has been in talks with Bernie Ecclestone, president and CEO of Formula One Management, about hosting a grand prix at the private New York track.

By John Beltz Snyder | May 21, 2010


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