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Speed Secrets: My Sim is My Friend

While the “I can just hit Reset” mindset can lead to risky driving behavior, this can be flipped around and turned into a positive.

By Ross Bentley | October 31, 2022
Speed Secrets: Fools and Tough Stuff

Often, what’s hardest is admitting to what happened, what caused it, and how it should be dealt with.

By Ross Bentley | October 19, 2022
Speed Secrets: Determining Entry/Exit Speed Balance

The thing is, in order to average the fastest speed over the greatest distance (the literal definition of a fast lap time) you must know precisely the right areas of the track in which to be “slow” in order to go the quickest overall.

By Ross Bentley | September 28, 2022
Speed Secrets: 20 Questions About Driver Coaching

At the 2019 SCCA Runoffs at VIR, Tim Minor added a Formula Continental National Championship to his two Formula Race Promotions F2000 Championships. Tim returns to VIR for the 2022 Runoffs wars with testing to begin September 24. Does he need a coach? 

By Ross Bentley | September 13, 2022
Speed Secrets: Setting HPDE Expectations

The story of two bad wrecks and how experience teaches that managing expectations is key for track days (and even more important for wheel-to-wheel racing).

By Ross Bentley | February 08, 2022
Triggering The Car Gene

There’s something inside all of us, in our DNA it seems, that triggers something when we see certain cars, or experience driving in a certain way. Okay, not all of us, as in everyone in the world, but all of us in the Speed Secrets Weekly world, at least.

By Ross Bentley | December 27, 2021
An Approach For Improving Your Track Driving

Believe in your plan for your next session.

By Ross Bentley | October 05, 2021
By Ross Bentley | July 22, 2021
Speed Secrets: Fitness for Performance Driving

Why is fitness integral in being an efficient racer?

By Ross Bentley | June 15, 2021
Speed Secrets: Rotating The Car – A Key To Cornering Fast

Rotation, rotation, rotation – a key element in mastering tight turns.

By Ross Bentley | June 07, 2021
By Ross Bentley | June 02, 2021
Speed Secrets: Racing In The Rain Revisited – 4 Keys To Being Fast In The Rain

What are the things drivers need to focus on when racing in the rain?

By Ross Bentley | May 24, 2021
Speed Secrets: The Very Basics of Passing on Track

Passing on-track is one of the most important skills a driver can learn, but how can you do it effectively?

By Ross Bentley | May 19, 2021
By Ross Bentley | May 12, 2021
By Ross Bentley | May 05, 2021
Speed Secrets: Planning To Become Faster

Which racing goals are most important?

By Ross Bentley | April 28, 2021
Speed Secrets: Is Smooth Really Fast?

Why is smoothness talked about so much by pros?

By Ross Bentley | April 07, 2021
Speed Secrets: Driving the Limit

Are you hitting “the limit”?

By Ross Bentley | March 17, 2021
Speed Secrets: How Performance Drivers Use Their Eyes

“Eyes straight ahead” is not always best practice.

By Ross Bentley | March 10, 2021
Speed Secrets: A Key To Driving Fast – Your Seat

Are racing seats really worth it?

By Tom Martin | March 03, 2021
Speed Secrets: How Fast Drivers Use The Throttle

Should you be on the brakes, squeezing the throttle, or flat out?

By Ross Bentley | February 23, 2021


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