This Weekend In Racing: January 17th – 18th

There’s a bit more racing on TV this weekend compared to the previous few!

By Peter Nelson | January 17, 2020
This Weekend In Racing: January 4th – 5th

This weekend we’ll experience a slight uptick in activity after a few weekends off.

By Winding Road Staff | January 02, 2020
Pro Road Racing To Undergo Massive Shift Away From ICE

By legislation of car emissions, by incentives, eventually by popular demand and possibly by outright banning of internal combustion engines, the move toward electric cars has begun.

By Tom Martin | December 28, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: December 22nd

Looks like another quiet weekend in motorsports coverage, sports fans. 2020 SCCA Runoffs coverage continues on CBS Sports on Sunday, with E-Prod and F-Prod races occupying CBS Sports’ airwaves. Immediately after, coverage of the 2020 Macau Grand Prix will air, followed by the Lucas Oil Off Road Series on CBS.

By Winding Road Staff | December 19, 2019
Video: Picking Up A Ton Of Positions In The Rain

This video is something else: check out World Challenge heavy-hitter/all-around nice guy Tom O’Gorman pick up a ton of positions in the rain at the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill earlier this month.

By Peter Nelson | December 17, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: December 14th – 15th

This weekend is far from where we were a few months ago, sports fans. By that, we mean there isn’t much racing getting broadcasted over the airwaves. Though, luckily there are still a few noteworthy events to keep an eye out for, and keep our racing addictions fulfilled.

By Winding Road Staff | December 12, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: November 22nd – 25th

This weekend, there isn’t a whole lot going on as the racing season winds down rapidly, sports fans.

By Winding Road Staff | November 21, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: November 14th – 16th

The action still hasn’t stopped, sports fans! Despite some parts of the country already seeing some significant snowfall. Between a Gander flying south to Florida, and F1 hangin’ out on the other side of equator, there’s still plenty to watch before the end of the year!

By Winding Road Staff | November 14, 2019
Targa Newfoundland Under New Management And To Return In 2020

News from way up north! The world-famous Targa Newfoundland is under new ownership and on the calendar for some time in 2020, after a hiatus in 2019.

By Winding Road Staff | November 08, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: November 8th – 10th

This weekend, NASCAR continues heading westward towards a land absent of typical Fall weather: Phoenix.

By Peter Nelson | November 07, 2019
Need To Know: 10 Best Ways To Get Racing Sponsorship Money

We’ve asked our readership for the questions they would most like to have had the answers to when they were starting out in motorsports. We’ve created our Need To Know series to address many of these questions.

By Winding Road Staff | November 06, 2019
F1 Releases A Heads-Up On Its Revolutionary 2021 Rulebook

Today, F1 released a heads-up on what its new 2021 regs are and how they will change the sport. Not just for capping costs and financially leveling the playing field, but to also literally clean up aerodynamics to allow for more battling on track.

By Peter Nelson | October 31, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: November 1st – 3rd

It’s all open-wheel vs. tucked-in-wheel deep in the heart of Texas this weekend, sports fans, with F1 at our dear COTA and NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway.

By Peter Nelson | October 30, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: October 11th – 13th (Petit Le Mans + SCCA Runoffs!)

Finally, the 2019 Petit Le Mans is upon us! Also finally, the 2019 SCCA Runoffs are at VIR!

By Peter Nelson | October 10, 2019
Video: The Winner Of The First-Ever Petit Le Mans

This great video by IMSA not only highlights the winner of the first-ever Petit Le Mans back in 1998, Wayne Taylor of Doyle-Risi Racing, but also also pays tribute to the event’s creator, the legendary Dr. Don Panoz, who passed away in September 2018.

By Peter Nelson | October 05, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: October 4th – 6th

This weekend is a bit quieter than the past few, sports fans.

By Peter Nelson | October 03, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: September 27th – 29th

This weekend, F1 head to the Sochi Autodrom for the Russian Grand Prix, NASCAR’s Monster and Xfinity Series head to the coveted Charlotte Motor Speedway.

By Peter Nelson | September 26, 2019
Q & A Of The Week: What Is The Most Cost-Effective Way To Start Racing?

Every week, we get questions from folks asking for guidance. Not just guidance with racing gear but guidance with racing in general. We’d like to share our correspondence as we find they’re of general interest and could be useful. This week, we’d like to highlight the topic of getting into racing in a cost-effective manner.

By Tom Martin | September 17, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: September 13th – September 15th

Tons of action is happening west of the Mississippi this weekend in stock car and road racing!

By Peter Nelson | September 11, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: September 6th – 8th

This weekend, Formula 1 heads to spicy-meatball-of-a-track Monza for a weekend of Italian GP action, starting with practice on Friday, followed by qualifying on Saturday and the race on Sunday.

By Peter Nelson | September 05, 2019
This Weekend In Racing: August 23rd – 25th

This weekend is looking to be a bit more action-packed than last weekend, sports fans!

By Peter Nelson | August 22, 2019


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