Nissan Versa

Driven: 2012 Nissan Versa

As a small car, the Nissan Versa does everything it needs to do. It features oodles of room for three people in the back, is exceptionally affordable (base cars start at $10,990), and delivers admirable fuel economy (38 highway and 30 in the city). Opt for the SL trim (which is what we’ve been testing) and you even get steering-wheel audio controls, an iPod interface, and an optional navigation system. As a pragmatic means of transportation, the Versa is truly hard to beat.

By Brandon Turkus | August 30, 2011
Third Look: Nissan Cube Versus The Traditional Hatchback

The traditional hatchback, the vehicle of choice for poor college students and career pragmatists, is evolving. Although traditional hatches are still widely available, this new breed of hatches boasts funky looks and unique tech-laden interiors to lure customers in. Why should you buy one though? What advantages do these boxes have over traditional hatchbacks? We had a Nissan Cube SL for a week to find out.

By Brandon Turkus | July 09, 2010
List: Top Ten Best Power-To-Weight Ratios Under $40,000

Here, we offer the top ten new cars with the best power-to-weight ratio available for less than $40,000.

By Corey Rueth | May 24, 2010


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