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Ten of the Greatest Uses of NACA Ducts in Automotive History

The NACA duct was designed in 1945 by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, a federal agency that laid the groundwork for NASA as we know it today. NACA engineers initially designed the duct as a way to feed air into an airplane engine without adding an excessive amount of drag, but it was seldom used because it provided a very limited amount of airflow.

By Ronan Glon | June 27, 2014
Review: Ford Mustang Boss 302S

The Boss 302S is built by Ford Racing, together with Watson Engineering, as a ready-to-run road racing car. The basic specs are aimed at Pirelli World Challenge GTS class racing, but the car is also suitable for SCCA and NASA club events. In the world of factory racecars, the Boss 302S is relatively affordable at around $89,000. Ford builds 50 cars per year, so while they are ordered through Ford dealers (as a part), orders must be placed in time to get an allocation slot and before the annual winter batch build.

By Tom Martin | March 20, 2013
Miata Challenge Project: Chapter One

We’re joining a new one-track series. We thought some of you might be interested in following this for several reasons, so we’ll do regular posts.

By Tom Martin | January 20, 2012
Elon Musk’s Other Car Really Flies: SpaceX Launch Successful

This week, Elon Musk’s SpaceX company became the very first commercial company to send a spacecraft into low-Earth orbit, and have it successfully re-enter the atmosphere. After NASA’s Space Shuttle retires from service in 2011, SpaceX hopes to have a launch program in place with which to service the international space station.

By Seyth Miersma | December 10, 2010


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