Pirelli World Challenge TC Livestream From Mosport This Weekend

With around 50 cars on track in three classes, and carefully developed Balance of Performance rules, PWC Touring Car pretty much guarantees lots of action as we saw…

By Winding Road Staff | May 17, 2017
WRR TV: Patience Is A Virtue – Passing At Mosport Is Hard

In this video, we see MX-5 Cup driver Tom Martin III after a restart at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. While he is clearly faster than the car ahead, it takes him several laps to make the pass. The MX-5 is a momentum car and a spec car, so speed differences are small and Mosport only has one corner with much braking.

By Bradley Iger | July 25, 2016
WRR TV: Action Packed Final Laps Of MX-5 Cup Race 1 At Mosport

We have pointed out that Global Mazda MX-5 Cup has the closest competition in road racing. Part of our observation is that the field is still pretty tight after 45 minutes. In this video, we see the last two laps of an MX-5 Cup race at Mosport, with 10 cars running together and lots of action for positions in the middle of the pack.

By Winding Road Staff | July 18, 2016
Four Examples of How Memorization Can Work Against You On The Track

One problem I keep coming across in my coaching and driver education is “memorization.” By this I mean memorization as a replacement for understanding. I see a lot of drivers who have problems because they have been taught specifically to do something, but cannot explain why they are doing it. They’ve only memorized a technique. Or similarly, they are trying to imitate something they have observed, but without understanding why it’s being done. In driving, the “why” is just as important as the “what.”

By Ross Bentley | August 26, 2014


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