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Fuel-Less Fun Forges New Feud: Porsche Taycan Vs. Tesla Model 3 Performance

The new Porsche Taycan versus the Tesla Model 3 Performance: which can launch the most?

By Peter Nelson | August 13, 2019
Fun, Fun, Fun: Electric Track Day With 50 Tesla Model 3s

Track days are a lot of fun. Our experience is that Teslas, including the Model S and the Model 3 are a lot of fun. Combine the two and you would seem to get something good. Fun squared?

By Winding Road Staff | January 30, 2019
Video: POV Drive Of Tesla Model 3

In this Winding Road POV video, Tedward checks out the new Tesla Model 3. This is the long range, RWD version. Ride along and hear if silence is really silence.

By Chris Amos | October 24, 2018


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