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Long-Term Car: The Mini’s Snow Tires Get Tested

Finally, we’d have a proper test of our Michelin Primacy Alpin winter tires. I pulled out of work to dry weather on that Friday afternoon, and made it home in record time (people, hearing there was snow on the way, must have ditched work early to avoid a slow-go on the way home). I parked the car, and waited.

By Brandon Turkus | February 25, 2012
Long-Term Car: Our Mini Gets Its Snow Shoes

As Editor-In-Chief Miersma mentioned in the first impressions of our long-term 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe, winter rubber will be a must-have for our loaner. Having arrived with a set of Continental ContiProContacts, we certainly weren’t prepared to tackle even the mild winter we’ve had so far, so the quest began to find a suitable set of snow shoes.

By Brandon Turkus | January 26, 2012
Long-Term Car: 2012 Mini Cooper S Coupe First Impressions

After our first driving experience with the new Mini Coupe, you can probably imagine our delight when we found out we’d be able to get a Cooper S Coupe in for a long-term test. Historically our long-term coverage of cars has lead to better and deeper understanding of the models (no surprise there), and I don’t know that we’ve ever had anything as interesting to drive and as controversial to our audience as the Coupe for the long haul. Our year with Mini should prove to be filled with debate, at the very least.

By Winding Road Staff | January 24, 2012


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