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Driver Gear: Meru Safety Receives Coveted SFI Certification

The Meru Safety neck restraint Carbon Ascent Brace is the newest and best technology in the head and neck restraint market for concussion prevention.

By Justin Cornelison | March 01, 2023
Gear Spotlight: Stand21’s Club Series 3 Head And Neck Restraint

Stand21’s Club Series 3 Head and Neck Restraint is now available at Winding Road Racing! Coming in at $379, it’s a bargain for racers looking for an FIA 8858-2010 certified head and neck restraint.

By Winding Road Staff | December 09, 2020
Product Review: HANS vs. Necksgen

At Winding Road Racing, we gladly assist racers with making important decisions by helping them weight the benefits of certain gear based on their needs, preferences, their car’s setup, and so on. One of the most common discussions we have with folks is Hans Vs. Necksgen.

By Winding Road Staff | November 12, 2020
The Best Head and Neck Restraint Systems

In road racing, all sanctioning bodies require you to wear a head and neck restraint (HNR device). While the details may seem a bit gruesome, the reasoning should be enough to convince you that HNR devices are a great invention. If you think about it, your torso is strapped into the car. If you and hit a barrier or another car, your car will stop – potentially very quickly.

By Bradley Iger | October 08, 2020
Buyer’s Guide: Racing Harnesses and Belts

Racing harnesses may seem like just an obligatory safety measure, but their configuration, design, and ease of use can also have big impact on both your comfort in the car as well as your ability to quickly and easily get belted in before races and during driver changes in endurance events. There’s a number of options to consider when buying racing harnesses, so we’ve taken the most common questions asked by racers and turned them into this handy buyer’s guide. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

By Bradley Iger | March 20, 2020
Book Review: Crash! From Senna To Earnhardt – How The Hans Helped Save Racing

Book Review: Crash! From Senna To Earnhardt – How The Hans Helped Save Racing

By Peter Nelson | January 27, 2020
Head and Neck Restraint Review: Schroth SHR Flex

Today, the road racing equipment experts at Winding Road Racing review the Schroth SHR Flex head and neck restraint. This SFI-certified head and neck restraint is designed to provide optimum safety and comfort.

By Luciana D'Andretta | October 13, 2017
Product Review: Necksgen REV 2 Lite Head and Neck Restraint System

In today’s racing gear review, Winding Road Racing product expert Shawn Stout, talks about why we like the new Necksgen Rev 2 Lite head and neck restraint system.

By Luciana D'Andretta | January 13, 2017
Gear Spotlight: Bell Racing Helmet and HANS Bag Backpack Combo

Looking for an easier way to haul your headgear around at the track? A bag specifically designed to carry your helmet might seem like a bit of a luxury item, but keep in mind that a drop from shoulder height onto asphalt has been known to put cracks in helmets – damage severe enough that it means you may need get another helmet if you want to go racing.

By Winding Road Staff | April 10, 2015
Gear Spotlight: I’ve Always Wanted That!

How many times have you looked a piece of much-needed racing gear and thought “I’ve always wanted that”, only to set it aside for another time? Well now is the time to finally pull the trigger on the gear you – or your loved ones – have been longing for. Here’s a list of some of our must-haves to get you started.

By Winding Road Staff | November 13, 2014
Gear Spotlight: Safecraft Restraint Systems Center Head Net

If there’s one aspect of your racing equipment where you should never consider cutting corners, it’s your safety gear. Center nets are designed to prevent ejection from the vehicle in the event of a crash or rollover, and some sanctioning organizations require a window net system for competition. Today we’ll be checking out the Safecraft Restraint Systems Center Head Net system, which is offered in Kevlar and polyester material options, and includes some unique design elements that warrant a closer look.

By Winding Road Staff | September 24, 2014
Gear Spotlight: Necksgen REV

If you’ve been shopping around for a head and neck restraint system, you may have noticed that your options are somewhat limited. HANS brand devices are by far the most common choice, and have become the de facto standard for head and neck restraints as a result. However, a relative newcomer to the market, NecksGen, has recently released the new Necksgen REV, and it offers some very interesting advantages over the HANS design. Let’s take a closer look at the REV and see how it compares to a HANS device.

By Bradley Iger | February 18, 2014


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