Gear Spotlight: GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

Recently, the staff here at Winding Road have been using the Hero3+ Black Edition to capture some of the footage shared on our YouTube channel. After spending some time with the camera and getting to know the device and its settings in detail, we’ve gotten a feel for where it really shines and where there’s still some room for progress to be made.

By Bradley Iger | June 04, 2014
Winding Road’s Guide to Automotive Video Recording

Over at the Winding Road YouTube channel viewers often ask us about how we capture the footage of the cars we review, both in terms of the equipment we use and how we use it. Recording footage of your car may seem like a pretty straightforward proposition, but getting great footage of your car requires some forethought and the right tools for the job. In this article we’ll cover both, as well as how to handle situations that might necessitate changing your recording style due to outside factors.

By Chris Amos | April 14, 2014
Gear Spotlight: Liquid Image Torque Series 1080p Goggle Cam

Along with the EGO action cam we reviewed earlier this month, another standout in Liquid Image’s lineup of action cams is the Torque series goggle cameras. To the uninitiated, the Torque cam looks just like any other pair of motocross goggles, but closer inspection will reveal the 1080p camera embedded just above the user’s eyeline, allowing the camera to capture everything the user sees in full HD resolution.

By Bradley Iger | March 26, 2014
Gear Spotlight: Liquid Image EGO 1080p Action Cam

The Liquid Image EGO is a mountable action cam in a similar vein to GoPro cameras. Various adjustable mounts, cases and covers are available, providing added flexibility in terms of what types of activities you can record with the EGO. While not flawless, the EGO provides a number of advantages over comparable GoPro models, making it an interesting option for those with particular needs that GoPro cams might not be able to provide as adeptly.

By Winding Road Staff | March 11, 2014


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