Video: Wheeling Little Hot Hatches Around Tracks In Europe — We’re Jealous

Something we’re gluttons for punishment over, and that general, non-tracking car enthusiasts share with us, is being jealous of Europeans for having so many fun cars that never came over to the USA.

By Peter Nelson | March 23, 2020
Rally Cross: What You Need to Know

Rallycross is a popular motor sport that is a rousing delight of exhilarating excitement. The sport dates back to 1967, and has since gone on to become one of the most innovative car sports in the motorsport sector. Hundreds and thousands of people across the world revel in the delights of rugged vehicles and stimulating terrain, and it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by everyone including teenagers through to the older generations.

By Guest Contributor | January 15, 2015
Classic: Maserati Tipo 61 “Birdcage”

Maserati put an end to its successful factory-sponsored racing program in 1957 because it found itself in dire financial straits after enduring a challenging decade. Racing boosted the company’s image worldwide, but it also drained precious resources that management believed could be better allocated to developing profitable road-going models.

By Ronan Glon | May 23, 2014
Classic: The History of the Citroën DS

Over five decades after its introduction, the Citroën DS is remembered as one of the most influential cars ever to come out of Europe. It’s not the rarest or the most expensive Citroën ever built but it left an indelible mark on the automaker’s history.

By Ronan Glon | April 04, 2014
Update: Car Reviews Lotus Evora GT4

It’s rare that someone—anyone—would get the chance to drive this Lotus racecar, let alone write a review on it, but Car has done just that. So what is it like to drive?

By John Beltz Snyder | November 13, 2013
Frankfurt 2013: Kia Niro Concept

Kia has officially unveiled is Niro concept at the Frankfurt Motor show. The compact, B-segment hybrid is meant to gauge Europeans’ reactions to the idea of a similar model.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 16, 2013
Preview: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive has been announced ahead of its official debut at the New York International Auto Show.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 13, 2013
Frankfurt 2013: Infiniti Q30 Concept

Recently, Infiniti teased its premium compact-segment concept first with a sketch, then an actual photo, and now the Q30 has made its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 11, 2013
Land Rover Launches Hybrid Range Rover And Range Rover Sport

Land Rover has announced the launch of the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid, the first hybrid models for the brand. Three Range Rover Hybrids are also going on a Silk Trail 2013 expedition to show off their capabilities.

By John Beltz Snyder | August 23, 2013
Spyker B6 Venator Spyder Concept Unveiled

Spyker continues to show signs of life as it has unveiled its newest concept car, the B6 Venator Spyder, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

By John Beltz Snyder | August 16, 2013
Kia Teases New B-Segment Concept

We’ve got another concept being teased prior to next month’s Frankfurt Motor Show. This one’s a B-segment car from Kia.

By John Beltz Snyder | August 09, 2013
Update: 2013 Fiat 500 Turbo

You’ll be forgiven at this point for thinking the little 500T is a bit misguided or confused. It isn’t. Get it out on the road, and you’ll discover that Fiat has struck the perfect blend with the turbocharged 500. It isn’t an Abarth for the speed-averse—it’s a 500 for the speed freak.

By Brandon Turkus | May 17, 2013


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