Speed Secrets: When Pride Puts You In The Wall

Folks, this is written in first person, because it happened to me. I’ll try to keep it to the point, but what I’ll describe is a very close call that could have been very serious for me – the coach in the car – and the driver.

By Ross Bentley | December 30, 2019
Speed Secrets: Diversify Your Talent

While some people race for fun, there are others who want to make a living driving a car. I might be able to call myself a factory driver now thanks to Mazda’s SKYACTIV-D prototype program, but I’m still busy with a lot of coaching, too. For racers who want to work their way into a professional series or diversify by becoming a coach, there are a number of ways to get started and a lot of things to keep in mind.

By Ross Bentley | October 27, 2019
Speed Secrets: How to Choose a Coach

As someone who’s made a living from coaching drivers over the past 25 years, as well as being a strong promoter and advocate for it in a sport that traditionally has not accepted coaches, it’ll come as no surprise that I have an opinion on this topic!

By Ross Bentley | October 28, 2014
Speed Secrets: Ten Shirt Pocket Tips

We all want to go faster, safely, don’t we? The following dos, don’ts, and tips have served my coaching clients well over the years, and I hope they will for you as well.

By Ross Bentley | April 24, 2014
Beijing 2012: Rolls-Royce Ghost Six Senses Concept

It’s no secret that the Chinese market is a big deal. What you may not know, though, is that it’s the limousine business that’s really booming in the communist country. Look no further than the Jaguar XJ Ultimate or Chrysler 300 Ruyi Design Concept that debuted yesterday, or the Rolls-Royce Ghost Six Senses Concept that debuted today.

By Brandon Turkus | April 24, 2012


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