Video: Caterham 7 620 R POV Track Drive

Pro driver and M1 Concourse track manager Aaron Bambach shows us around Champion Motor Speedway at M1 Concourse in a Caterham 7 620 R.

By Chris Amos | May 02, 2018
Caterham 7 620 R at M1 Concourse – POV Track Test

Pro driver and M1 Concourse track manager Aaron Bambach shows us around Champion Motor Speedway at M1 Concourse in a Caterham 7 620 R.

By Winding Road Staff | April 12, 2017
Track Driven: Wolf GB08 Sports Racer

Perhaps you think you want a Radical. But really, you want this car.

We’ve talked to many racers who drive production-based cars, like cars in SM or T2/3/4 or GTS, and almost to a person, they say “I’d love to drive a Radical,” or “When I can afford it, I want to get a Radical”.

They are so right and they are so wrong. We know, because we race a Radical and now we’ve driven the Wolf GB08.

By Tom Martin | July 28, 2014
Preview: Zenos E10

For enthusiasts in North America it can be frustrating to see the assortment of track day cars that are only available to buyers in Europe. Fortunately for us, Zenos, a company founded by former Caterham boss Ansar Ali and engineering exec Mark Edwards, vows to bring their wares across the pond to us Yanks. The first of these offerings will take of the form of the E10: a lightweight, two-seater track day car that promises a power-to-weight ratio of 300hp per ton.

By Bradley Iger | April 09, 2014
Overview: Zenos E10

This is the overview page for the Zenos E10. Rumors, news, reviews, road tests, specifications, videos, awards, and other relevant information will all be included here as they become available.

By Winding Road Staff | January 01, 2014
Photos Of Caterham AeroSeven Concept Leaked

Recently, Caterham teased its new “ultra-high performance” concept car with a silhouette decal on the company team’s Formula 1 cars. Now, ahead of its scheduled debut at the Singapore Grand Prix, images of the Caterham AeroSeven concept have leaked.

By John Beltz Snyder | September 19, 2013
Video: Caterham Superlight R600 Tackles Tarmac Rally Stage

Some of you may have already seen this one posted on our Winding Road Racing Facebook page. If you’re a fan of the Caterham cars, rally racing, or just darn cool on-board video, you’ll probably want to have a look below.

By John Beltz Snyder | March 11, 2013
Is This The Caterham Coupe?

TopSpeed has created this rendering of the Caterham Coupe, which could be a contender against Porsche’s Cayman.

By John Beltz Snyder | January 28, 2013
List: Ten Lotus 7 Replica Kit Cars

Replicas of the Lotus 7 just may be the ultimate kit cars. The lightweight, open cockpit design is iconic, to say the least, and there are a fair share of manufacturers to choose from. Whether you want to build it from scratch, or buy a fully functioning racecar, there are lots of Lotus 7 kits to choose from, depending on your budget, time commitment, and thirst for power.

By Corey Rueth | April 12, 2011
First Look: 2010 Caterham Seven Lambretta Special Edition

You know, Americans take a lot of flack for plastering our nation’s flag, rather liberally, on the places and things that we love. And sure, we might enjoy rocking Old Glory on t-shirts, and pickup trucks, on the sides of our barns, and on the backs of our jean jackets (maybe that’s just us?), but we still say that the British are the biggest flag-wavers of all.

By Seyth Miersma | April 22, 2010


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