Book Review: NASCAR 75 Years

NASCAR 75 Years offers an insightful look into the history of NASCAR, from its humble beginnings as a small family business to its current position as a leader in sports entertainment.

By Justin Cornelison | March 14, 2023
Another Porsche Book? Yes and We Love It!

Porsche, deservingly if you ask us, has been covered over and over in a series of coffee table books. So, why another one? Can it really add value?

By Tom Martin | October 21, 2022
Book Review: The Guide To Road Racing On A Budget

Because Winding Road Racing has three motorsports equipment retail stores and runs both club racing and pro-am teams, we talk to a lot of people in the amateur motorsports world. A suprising number of them have lots of questions about how to get into the game.

By Winding Road Staff | February 12, 2020
Book Review: Crash! From Senna To Earnhardt – How The Hans Helped Save Racing

Book Review: Crash! From Senna To Earnhardt – How The Hans Helped Save Racing

By Peter Nelson | January 27, 2020
Film Lookbook: The Art Of Racing In The Rain

It’s not too often we get to see motorsports as a major part of the plot in film these days, but after tons of anticipation, the best-selling book, The Art of Racing in the Rain, debuted as a comedy-drama in theaters back in August 2019. Recently while watching the film, we got to thinking: there are a lot of products on display at the racetrack that we are quite familiar with!

By Peter Nelson | January 02, 2020
Book Review: Legacy Drive By Paul Slavonik

We recommend Legacy Drive to anyone looking for solid, enjoyable fictional motorsports literature. The character and plot development is great, it tugs at the heart strings, and even induces a smile and/or laugh (be careful if you’re self-conscious of laughing out loud while reading in public). The story isn’t always sad: there’s a good amount of comic relief which adds to characters’ likeability. There are lessons to be reminded of, there is inspiration to be found, and just good ol’ entertainment. It should be on the podium of any racing enthusiast’s reading list.

By Peter Nelson | October 18, 2019
Book Review: Making It Faster

Making It Faster, by Dan Binks and Norm DeWitt is, in a way, three racing books in one. That assessment is usually damning with faint praise and would reflect a lack of focus. But in this case, we found the results quite charming and compelling.

By Winding Road Staff | April 12, 2017
Book Review: Total Competition by Ross Brawn and Adam Parr

If you like books that give an “inside look” on racing, you’ll probably like Total Competition. It mainly discusses Formula One, but the discussion happens between two very high level recent participants.

By Winding Road Staff | February 22, 2017
Book Review: 111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know

This is a very engaging book about the people and cars of Porsche written by New Zealander Wilfried Muller. There are hundreds of Porsche books, but this one is distinguished by an easy-to-read, easy-to-look-at format.

By Tom Martin | January 24, 2017
Holiday Wish Book: Pirelli World Challenge TC Season

The Pirelli World Challenge TC (Touring Car) class is shaping up to be quite interesting in 2017. While multiple makes and models will run, there is a good chance that the fat part of the field will be made up of BMW M235i Racing cars. BMW finished first in two elements of the 2016 TC championship, the drivers points and the team points, which bodes well for drivers running the M235i in 2017. We’ve profiled the car.

By Winding Road Staff | December 21, 2016
Holiday Wish Book: Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Racer

If you really enjoy racing, this car is the ticket to some intense competition. For 2017, the Global MX-5 Cup racer will run in Pirelli World Challenge TCA as well as the Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup sanctioned by IndyCar.

By Tom Martin | December 14, 2016


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