BMW 750Li

Update: 2013 BMW 740Li xDrive

Now, we’ve gotten some seat time in a heavily equipped, long-wheelbase, all-wheel-drive 7-Series. So, with the extra length and a beefy all-wheel-drive system, is this 740Li xDrive any less charming than the standard car? No, not really.

By Brandon Turkus | June 27, 2013
Quick Drive: 2012 Hyundai Equus Ultimate

The car’s 5.0-liter V-8 its a superb engine, whether you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry, or just cruising in laidback comfort. The gas pedal offers some travel to play with, so you aren’t chirping the tires at every stoplight. Step hard on the pedal, though, and the Equus will happily launch forward with urgency. It accelerates smoothly, even when done fast, and the little bit of engine noise that makes its way to your ears sounds robust and sonorous, never harsh or loud. The attached eight-speed automatic transmission helps to change gears quickly and smoothly, without interrupting the linear feel of the acceleration.

By John Beltz Snyder | June 26, 2012
Comparison Test: 2012 BMW 750Li xDrive vs. 2012 Audi A8L 4.2

When one is buying a luxury sedan for close to (or at) six-figure prices, the basic demands on the car are legion. It must look impressive inside and out, be supremely comfortable, have all of the latest technology, and offer refinement, quiet, and ear-tickling audio in equal measure.

By Seyth Miersma | February 21, 2012
Winding Road Issue 79 Is Now Available!

In the newest issue of Winding Road, we drive the updated Hyundai Genesis Coupe, which promises to bring stiff competition to American muscle. Plus, we scrutinize a lot of other great cars this month.

By Winding Road Staff | February 21, 2012
First Look: 2011 Alpina B7 Biturbo xDrive

If your heart is yearning for a M-badged 7-Series, then it will continue to yearn for the foreseeable future.

By Brandon Turkus | March 26, 2010


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