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The Guide to Road Racing – Table of Contents

The Guide to Road Racing – Table of Contents

The Guide to Road Racing: Winding Road Magazine’s ultimate guide to getting your start in racing.

By Tom Martin | November 03, 2020
Dead Man Riding – The Legacy

Disaster struck in early 2020 when Mike was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, with the COVID pandemic shutting off New Zealand from the rest of the world shortly after - effectively ending his booming tour business.

By Tom Martin | September 29, 2022
French Artist Fills Potholes Across Europe with Mosaics

An anonymous artist known as Ememem, has been filling in street and sidewalk divots with striking geometric mosaics — colorful bursts of beauty amid the asphalt.

By Tom Martin | September 23, 2022


Analysis: The Lessons of Rick Wagoner’s Demise

I confess to having mixed emotions about the Obama administration’s move over the weekend to throw Rick Wagoner under the Escalade.

On the one hand, Mr. Wagoner was pretty clearly toast last fall. He had to get the axe, at a minimum for political reasons, but for sound reasons as well.

By Tom Martin | April 01, 2009
Winding Road’s Guide To Winter Driving

Despite the April Issue indication you may have noticed on the cover of this month’s Winding Road (check out our full new issue at, it’s actually just around the middle of the long Michigan winter as we write this. That’s bad news for anyone who values anything in the way of a short sleeve or a naturally occurring tan, but it’s surprisingly good news for us driving enthusiasts.

We lean towards that group of people that embrace four full seasons in all of their glory, and love to drive through each of them. Which is why we’ve been paying special attention this year to the motive joys that can be had when our world is white. Be it driving a sports car or a convertible, with a new set of snows or in a frigid testing environment, we’re into winter driving. Find out why.

By Winding Road Staff | February 19, 1999


The Guide to Road Racing: Winding Road Magazine's ultimate guide to getting your start in racing.

Table of Contents


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