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Cars, News I By Bradley Iger I March 09, 2015
Jim Glickenhaus has a reputation for not being satisfied with the supercars that are offered to the general public. In the past, his affinity for Ferrari led to Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina, a one-off build based on the Ferrari Enzo, and the 430 Scuderia-based P4/5 Competizione, which had the notable distinction of setting the fastest Ferrari-powered Nürburgring lap on record at the time during 24 Hours of Nürburgring qualifying in 2012. Now, Glickenhaus has decided to break away from Ferrari and build an entirely new car of his own creation, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003.
Unveiled at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the SCG 003 does not source its bones from any other vehicle. Instead, the new supercar is built around a carbon fiber chassis with bodywork designed by Granstudio. The car will be available in two flavors – the road-going SCG 003 S (Stradale) and the race-only SCG 003 C (Competizione). Developed from LMP1 and LMP2 race series technologies, the new cars feature an F1-style pushrod suspension and a modular rear frame that’s designed to accommodate various drivetrains.
Both the SCG 003 S and the SCG 003 C will come equipped with twin turbocharged V6 engines. In the race car, the powerplant is a 3.5-liter supplied by Honda which will get further tuning by Autotechnica Motori, while the road car is said to come equipped with a “V6TT engine that the team is specifically developing”. Both versions will utilize a paddle-shifted Hewland gearbox, which was chosen for its strength and reliability.
Prices for the SCG 003 start at 2.1 million euros ($2.34m) for the Competizione and 2.3 million euros ($2.57m) for the road-going Stradale. The track-dedicated version of the car went on sale at Geneva, while the Stradale will become available for purchase later this year. Have a look at the video below to see the SCG 003 in (rendered) motion, and check out the press release below for additional details.
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus together with GranStudio and Paolo Garella is happy to announce the unveiling of its latest road and race cars SCG003C (Competizione) SCG003S (Stradale) The Scuderia will unveil its SCG003 at the Geneva Motorshow that will open to the public on March 5th. On its stand the team will present one of the two race cars that the team is preparing for racing and the Stradale version that will be ready for delivery at the end of the year, and that, soon thereafter, Jim will drive on the streets of New York.
SCG003 is a completely new GT, inspired by the latest design and technologies developed in the LMP1/LMP2 series. The surfaces of the car have been shaped by the combined work of the talented styling team from Granstudio led by Lowie Vermeersch and Goran Popovic, together with the aerodynamic team of a young group of engineers from Podium Engineering supported by Paolo Catone the father of many successful sport racing cars.
The all carbon fiber structure has been designed to achieve maximum rigidity and flexibility in packaging, ease of maintenance and safety. The rear carbon fiber frame holds the suspension pick-­up points and can be easily exchanged to allow the use of different engines on the same platform. The Hewland gearbox, with paddle shift, is a strong and reliable unit coupled, in the race version, with a V6 3,5L TT developed by Autotecnica Motori and derived from the HPD Honda V6 engine. The road version will have a V6TT engine that the team is specifically developing.
The chassis has a very refined suspension layout with front and rear push-­rods.
The racecar uses BOSCH Motorsport Electronics and will race with Dunlop Tires.
Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus hopes to offer to a select group of enthusiasts the opportunity to drive a true race car developed for the most challenging GT endurance race in the world, the 24H of the Nurburgring.
Over the years modern supercars have challenged the lap time on the Nordschleife as an important indicator of performance and speed, SCG003 takes this challenge and extends it to racing the entire 24Hours of the Nurburgring.
With minimal differences between the road and the race versions, SCG003 promises to deliver the experience of a modern, easy to drive race car, with down-­force and engine torque that are unknown in the supercar world.
The BOP rules will balance the car’s performance during the race, but the car’s true potential will be revealed to the final owner with sensations and emotions that only real race cars can give. Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus is developing a racing program that will enable the owners to race their cars throughout the world.
The race version of SCG003 can be easily owner converted to a road version should an owner so desire.
A very small team of young and motivated designers, engineers, mechanics, craftsmen and very experienced friends, have worked under the direction of Paolo Garella, Program Director for the SCG003 Project. Inspired by strategic vision of Jim, the team has set the fundamental project guidelines and performance targets, that during the past 18 month of the project development have kept the team focused on its final objective: to deliver a car that could be as iconic as P4/5 and as new and innovative as the product of a major car manufacturer.
The result of this effort is SCG003C/S a race/road car that will be proven at the Nurburgring 24H, a car that will drive on the street of New York, a car that promises emotions and unique experiences.
SCG003 will be offered for sale in race form at the Geneva Motor Show, and the Scuderia will also take orders for the road version that will be available late in the year.
Scuderia Cameron-­Glickenhaus will constantly keep its fans and friends informed through its Facebook page: and the new SCG003 website will be online at
For any further enquiry, please e-­mail to: [email protected]

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