New York 2011: Suzuki Kizashi Apex Concept

News I By Seyth Miersma I April 20, 2011

You don’t need to tell us twice to get excited about a turbocharged version of the already-exciting Suzuki Kizashi—we’ve had a drive in a pretty compelling proof-of-concept car already. Still, today’s news of Suzuki’s own in-house turbo car portends a lot of good driving fun for the future.

The Kizashi Apex Concept car uses a Garrett turbo and an air-to-liquid intercooler to help Suzuki’s 2.4-liter four churn out something like 300 horsepower. (The company is saying between 275 and 300 horsepower, but we’re optimistic.) In the concept’s case the turbo motor is mated to a six-speed manual transmission, too.

Suzuki is trying to draw a clear line, via this very race-liveried theme, to its motorcycle racing heritage—and that’s nice. But we’re more interested in whether or not this turbo car is headed our way as a full-on production model. All signs point to “yes” there, we say.

Scroll down to read Suzuki’s full press release.


Turbocharged Sport Sedan Conveys Iconic Suzuki Sportbike Heritage

NEW YORK (April 19, 2011) – American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) unveiled a turbo concept version of its Kizashi sport sedan at the company’s 2011 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) press conference this evening. The turbocharged Kizashi Apex Concept showcases the link between Suzuki’s automotive division and its championship-winning motorcycles.

“Our turbo-equipped concept leverages the already-exceptional Kizashi platform and infuses it with a substantial boost,” said Steve Younan, director of automotive marketing and product planning, American Suzuki Motor Corporation. “The Kizashi Apex Concept will further elevate our flagship sedan in the U.S. among enthusiasts who crave added power and performance.”

More Power Under the Hood
The Kizashi Apex Concept features a Garrett turbocharger, an air-to-liquid intercooler, electronic boost control, and a specific engine control unit calibration to provide outstanding drivability. The system takes the Kizashi’s peak output into the 275-300 horsepower range, with a maximum boost of 8.5 psi. This powertrain is matched exclusively to a six-speed manual transmission. Specific system components are as follows:
• Garrett/Honeywell 2871 R ball bearing turbocharger
• Internally wastegated 0.86 A/R turbine housing
• Oil and water cooled bearing system
• Turbine housing cast from high-nickel “Ni-Resist” material for extreme applications
• Turbine wheel cast from lightweight iconel materials for extreme applications

Key to the Kizashi Apex Concept’s performance is its air-to-liquid intercooler, purposed for more effective charge air cooling in a smaller package. The unit’s relatively small heat exchanger and circulation pump are designed to be minimally intrusive to vehicle cooling. The intercooler’s primary advantage comes from the reduction in the overall length of ducting, which results in faster throttle response and a lower turbo lag, giving peak boost faster than most air-to-air intercooler systems. For impressive engine
breathing, the Apex Concept utilizes a free flowing true dual exhaust system.

Race Bike Grapics
The livery on the Kizashi Apex Concept is based on the actual Suzuki superbike race design theme and highlights the vehicle’s bloodline connection to Suzuki’s GSX-R Superbike. For a more expressive front-end, the lower fascia wears customized LED-based foglights. The Apex Concept is shod with Yokohama S.Drive 245/35-R19 tires, featuring advanced nanotechnology micro-fiber compound to maximize traction in both wet and dry conditions. The wheels are lightweight performance alloys with a “burnt asphalt” finish to communicate this Kizashi turbo’s high level of performance. To make sure all this power is put to use in the right place, the Kizashi Apex Concept uses Suzuki’s Euro-spec high intensity discharge (HID) headlamps.

Race-inspired Interior
The Kizashi Apex Concept’s cabin receives an eye-catching treatment in black leather, with laser blue Alcantara® accents on the sport seats and steering wheel.

Kizashi Apex Concept Specifications
Turbo GT2871R
PN 707160-10
CHRA PN 446179-67
Bearing Ball
Cooling Oil & Water
Ind Whl Dia 51.2mm
Exd Whl Dia 71.0mm
Trim 52
A/R 0.60
Whl Dia 53.9mm
Trim 76
A/R 0.64
Type Wastegated
Engine 2.4L DOHC I-4
Projected Engine Peak Power 275-300 hp @ 5800-6200 rpm
Mass Air Flow at Peak Power 27.6 lb/min (0.209 kg/sec)
Maximum Pressure Boost Level for Desired Air Flow from Turbo 8.5 psi (1.5 bar absolute)
Fuel Flow at Peak Power 123 lbs/hr (312 cc/min/injector – 4 injectors)

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