Keep F1 Exciting: Join WRR Fantasy F1 League 2021

News, Racing I By Tom Martin I March 09, 2020

With the F1 season starting soon, it is that time again: time to play Fantasy F1 with Winding Road readers and staff. Here's the deal:

  1. You play in a League on
  2. The winner gets some nice Winding Road Racing swag
  3. The winner gets the honor of putting "Winding Road Racing Fantasy F1 Champion" on their resume
  4. The winner gets the satisfaction of beating some other maddeningly good players

Basic instructions:

  1. Go to and create a login (or use your old one)
  2. Set up your team (you need a Team Name and Manager)
  3. CRITICAL: Join the "Winding Road Racing" league, using the code 1938236
  4. Study the detailed guide of rules available here
  5. Select your initial team (cars and drivers)
  6. Study the rules again (the rules determine much about how you choose cars and drivers)
  7. Each week, consider adjusting your team and definitely select choices for that race (e.g. pole, fast lap, podium etc)

Frankly, playing this way adds a ton of excitement to each race. You no longer care as much that Hamilton is doing a track day while 19 other cars put on a race because it now matters to you who finishes third, or how AlphaTauri does or who sets fast lap.


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