Gear: The Vroominator

Infotainment, News I By John Beltz Snyder I August 04, 2011

Drivers love the sound of a loud, revving engine. But, if you’re driving, say, that fully-loaded Honda Odyssey we discussed earlier, you may find the engine note a bit lacking. Luckily, Hammacher Schlemmer offers the Vroominator.

The Vroominator ($39.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer’s online shop) plugs into a car’s DC outlet, and pumps a more macho engine note through the vehicle’s speakers. Just sync it with an unused FM radio station on your car’s stereo, and the Vroominator creates a tune that matches the revs of you engine, helping you to suspend your disbelief and imagine you’re blowing the doors off your fellow commuters.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with hybrids or electric vehicles.


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