Gear Spotlight: Keeping It Neat and Clean

Driver Gear, News I By Winding Road Staff I December 01, 2014
So you’ve outfitted your garage with all the stuff dreams are made of, but are you using the right treatments to care for all that highly coveted gear? This week we’re looking at a collection of products designed to keep you and your ride staying sharp for years to come.
WRR Sonax Car Care Bundle – Ultra Exterior Pack – Here’s everything you need to clean, polish, wax and protect your vehicle’s finish with a set of professional-quality products from Sonax, one of the most trusted names in auto detailing. Bring your paintwork to a shine that’s literally better-than-new and then seal and protect your paint from the elements for long term results with this comprehensive package.
WRR Sonax Car Care Bundle – Upholstery/Alcantara Interior – Your vehicle’s interior deserves just as much love and attention as the exterior, and the adverse effects of the elements that your vehicle is exposed to doesn’t stop at the paintwork. Bring glass, upholstery, Alcantara and the various polymers found inside your ride to a show-quality luster with this bundle of high-quality interior cleaners.
WRR Sonax Car Care Bundle – Leather Interior – This package includes the same Sonax Glass Cleaner and Sonax Multistar Universal Cleaner found in the Upholstery/Alcantara bundle, but swaps the Sonax Upholstery and Alcantara cleaner with Sonax Leather Foam, a product made specifically to clean and condition leather surfaces. Formulated to be tough on stains yet gentle to fine leather, Sonax Leather Foam restores leather surfaces to their original suppleness without leaving a greasy residue.
WRR Sonax Car Care Bundle – Detailing – This bundle of products will make regular paintwork maintenance a hassle-free task. Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer is ideal for quick detailing touch-ups on the go, and Sonax High Speed Wax spray will effortlessly bring out the gloss in your vehicle’s clearcoat. Following that up with Sonax Polymer Net Shield will also lock in and protect that luster for up to six months. But don’t forget about the beauty found under the hood – use the included Sonax Engine cleaner to quickly and reliably clean all oil and grease from engines with this phosphate-free, solvent-free product that’s able to reach even the most inaccessible areas of your engine bay.
WRR Sonax Car Care Bundle – Bodywork – Keep your car’s bodywork looking show-ready with this package of products designed to keep exterior surfaces looking their absolute best. Start with Sonax Insect Remover – safe for use on glass, chrome, paint and plastic components, this product loosens dense, dried-on insect residue so it can be easily removed with a simple rinse. Follow that up with Sonax Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate to penetrate and loosen tough dirt without damaging or stripping the protective layer, then use Sonax Easy Shine to restore luster to dull and slightly scratched paintwork. Finish up with Sonax Hybrid NPT Liquid Wax, a high-quality wax which be applied to a medium-sized vehicle in only 15 minutes and creates a strong barrier and a very flat surface, resulting in incredible shine.
Citrol Citrus Degreaser – 16oz Spray Can – This biodegradable cleaner degreaser has astonishing cleaning power. Citrol outperforms solvent, solvent emulsion and alkaline cleaners for removal of heavy greases, carbonized oils, gear lubes, grease buildups, oily deposits, tar and bituminous deposits. Equally effective in soak tanks, pressure spray, foam on and manual cleaning methods, or in high pressure cleaning applications outdoors, yet gentle enough on skin to be used as an everyday hand cleaner.
Molecule Complete Care Kit – When it comes to proper care for sensitive fabrics like Nomex and other fire resistant material, your choices are indeed pretty limited. Until recently, sending it off to the dry cleansers for a healthy chunk of change or hand washing (which is very cumbersome with something as large and bulky as a racing suit) were basically a racer’s only recourse. But now with the Molecule Compete Care Kit you can spot clean and machine wash your racing gear like you would any other garment.
Molecule Wash Kit – 16 oz. Wash/16 oz. Spot Cleaner Combo Pack –   Molecule Wash is designed to effectively clean your Nomex gear in standard washing machines, while Molecule Spot Cleaner penetrates deeply into Nomex fabric to dissolve and suspend tough spots and stains that can create combustible hot spots. This pair comprises the essentials that you need in order to machine wash your Nomex at home.
Molecule Protector, 16 oz. Sprayer – Molecule Protector bonds to Nomex fabric to help repel flammable stains and maintain breathability. This helps to reduce the likelihood of dangerous stains developing from oil, grease, fuel, dirt, and other contaminants that could compromise the effectiveness of your racing suit.

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