Electric Boating: the BMW Icon Yacht

Lifestyle, News I By Justin Cornelison I May 19, 2023

BMW’s latest creation has made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival, stealing the limelight from other premieres – meet the BMW Icon Yacht. Teaming up with boat manufacturer Tyde, the German automaker unveiled their luxurious and emission-free yacht called the Icon. This groundbreaking marine craft, spanning 43 feet, is touted as the first of its kind to run on battery power (don’t forget about the Candela C-8!), reaching speeds of up to 30 knots without generating any harmful emissions.

Crafted by the skilled designers at BMW’s Designworks studio, the BMW Icon Yacht boasts a sleek hull complemented by a lightweight superstructure that resembles an origami pattern. The vessel’s modern aesthetics are enhanced by LED lights adorning the bow and stern, while its expansive glass panels offer unobstructed views for seafarers to enjoy.

One of the standout features of the Icon is its incorporation of foils, which ensure smooth navigation across the water with minimal resistance, resulting in maximum efficiency and speed. BMW claims that these wings can reduce energy consumption by an impressive 80% when compared to traditional planing boats.

Underneath its elegant exterior, the 43-foot yacht is equipped with a robust electric propulsion system powered by high-voltage batteries supplied by BMW. Two 100 kW electric motors, fueled by six BMW i3 batteries with a combined energy capacity of 240 kWh, provide a range of over 50 nautical miles and a cruising speed of 24 knots. Notably, this electric vessel glides silently, delivering a seamless and eco-friendly boating experience.

True to the brand’s reputation, the Icon prioritizes comfort. With a generous beam of nearly 15 feet, the yacht offers a spacious aft entertaining area and a welcoming lounge entrance. Inside, the lounge showcases designer furniture and a captivating kaleidoscopic carpet that uses metal sheeting to reflect sunlight, creating an ambiance reminiscent of ocean waves. Furthermore, the yacht features 360-degree rotating seats and a tablet-based infotainment system. The central command station is equipped with a 32-inch, 6K touchscreen display that mimics the BMW iDrive operating system, enabling users to access information ranging from mileage to weather conditions through voice commands.

Adding to the immersive experience, the Icon is fitted with a Dolby Atmos system. BMW enlisted the talents of renowned Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, a two-time Academy Award winner, to develop functional tones and an accompanying soundscape. In a statement, the automaker expressed that the revolutionary acoustic creations crafted by Zimmer mark a new era in the enjoyment of sustainable travel on water.

With its unveiling at the Cannes Film Festival, the BMW Icon electric yacht has unquestionably made a lasting impression. This cutting-edge vessel combines innovative design, zero-emission propulsion, and unparalleled comfort, promising a sustainable and luxurious boating experience for discerning enthusiasts.


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